All-Star US Athlete Rehabs Knee By Using A Leg Press As A Game Controller

Wiihabilitation is so 2008 and yes, Adrian Peterson of the NFL's Minnesota Vikings is doing some of that as he tries to come back from a devastating injury in American football — the torn anterior cruciate ligament. But what's more interesting here is Peterson has a custom set of exergames to go along with ski jumping on the Wii balance board.

The team, in an official video, calls it "Rehab Arcade". A couple minigames shown have Peterson playing a basic side-scroller and top-down scroller, moving a square block out of the way of some descending balls, or navigating a ball through a series of gates. His movement on the leg press controls movement in the game.

The video isn't embeddable, you'll have to see it at the link. It's somewhat fitting for the Vikings, who have notorious gamer Chris Kluwe (ChrisWarcraft on Twitter) on the roster, and for Peterson, who was introduced to Magic: the Gathering by Kluwe last year.

Adrian Rehab Arcade [Minnesota Vikings]


    Rehab for the lazy athlete? That can't motivate himself to train. It's not like moving your leg so suddenly is good for it. He could maybe even do another injury while trying to unlock an achievement

      I wouldn't call Adrian Peterson lazy. The guy is a pure athlete and was one of the hardest working guys in the NFL. He's also a kamikaze. It was only a matter of time before one of his knees went.

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