All This Paper Forms The Blueprint For One Video Game

It required 100 metres of calculator paper to map out the side-scrolling video game Beeing. You can see it here, stretched out before you, courtesy of Gonzalo Oxenford, one of the game designers who sketched the layout for their bee-themed sidescroller by hand.

Each level map can be rolled up.

So you can see the entire game like this.

Or like this.

But it's more impressive when it's unfurled.

Even this cat is impressed.

The paper levels helped Oxenford's crew at Odasoft make their game. (They've gone into more detail about that.)

And the result is a game that looks like this.

But, thanks to Oxenford, you can see the paper version of the entire game scroll past your eyes.

Beeing is now free for iPhone and iPad, but only for a limited time.


    At first I was like " there is no cat, silly Kotaku". But then I
    clicked the pic and was like "meow".

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