Amazon Leaks Wii U Box Art Designs?

Given the fact these may well be placeholder images, don't read too much into them, but just in case they're the real deal, what do you think of the splash? And the colour scheme?

The yellow is a bit weird, but the "swoosh" design is something we've seen from Nintendo plenty of times before, from the spine of DS games to the top of GameCube covers.

We're asking Nintendo for clarification, and will update if we hear back.

Wii U


    Oooh, I like it. I'm diggin' the cover to the Avengers too.

    I like it, much better than the standard wii boxes.

      They remind me of the gamecube covers come to think of it

        Yeah, that's what I thought as well. I like them!

        Me too and I reckon it' intentional - like a subliminal callout to the hardcore gamer

    wonder if the boxes will be all hole punched like the 3ds ones

    They look great, I reckon the hint of yellow is so they don't get confused with blu ray, but similar enought that they will be consider HD quality titles. Clever.

    The yellow also helps to create make it more eye catching as they are complimentary colours.

    Oops, that wasnt on purpose at all,

    Not baddddd, not bad at all. All they need is light blue cases and i'm all for it

    I like it. Gives it a distinctive look from the Wii, and yet reminds me greatly of Nintendo and the Gamecube.

    Target also had this listed a while a go

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Why was my comment inappropriate? It is a valid criticism/question.

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