An Indie Platformer For Those Who Love Metroid

Ah, this is good to see. Instead of an indie releasing an actual Metroid tribute game, using the same characters, Finnish developer Arvi "Hempuli" Teikari has seemingly used Nintendo's series as inspiration for his own game about space exploration, monsters and jumping.

Environmental Station Alpha, and with its lo-fi visuals and wonderful soundtrack, is still in development, but you can keep up with it at the link below.

Hempuli's blog [Site, via Pixel Prospector]


    Looks pretty cool, and I love the lo-bit hand drawn art.

    I adore the music!

    as long as the game has . depth. I'm sorry but i've but I've bought so many indie games that lack depth. and don't give me but you need to play to the 5 stage because.....the difficulty curve is immense. Sure the first stage/demo is easy enough but then it goes into brutal i'll cut you off at the knees. For games that are meant to be picked up at a moments notice they're simply not accessible enough due to their difficulty curve.

    that said i'll buy this for the music alone

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