An RTS That Looks Truly Different. And Lets You Throw Asteroids.

Planetary Annihilation is an in-development strategy game from Uber Studios that, unlike most other entries in the field we see these days, is trying something genuinely different.

While its promise of truly global warfare looks a little like Spore, and in terms of scale it reminds me a little of Total Annihilation, the way its trying to handle combat over multiple, entire planets is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Just take a look at the trailer above. The way you’ve got access to the entire planet. Then stick around for the 0:45 second mark, with planetary movement. Then watch as you can throw an asteroid at a planet. So awesome.

Also appealing is the art style, and the fact Uber are the same guys who made Monday Night Combat. You can read more about the game below.

Planetary Annihilation [Official Site]


  • Seem to be missing the trailer above. But yes the game looks freaking awesome. At least the video does. If they have the game looking half as much fun as the trailer does then we are in for a treat.

  • Ahhhhhhhhh that looks so freakin’ amazing o.0

    I used to love RTS games and now I don’t really play any at all. I still hold homeworld as a pinnacle for space RTS, so I’d love to see this take that title and run with it.

  • I’ve been waiting for this ever since the colossal disappointment that Supreme Commander offered me. I mean, it was a good game, but I wanted a tight sequel to total annihilation, not an entirely different game. SupCom’s very feel was off, and even though it’s been cited as the “spiritual successor” to TA, I never saw it that way. Something tells me that, while not exactly visually similar, this will be the one RTS I’ve been waiting on for years – the feeling I get from this concept footage is very similar to what I got from TA, that feeling of trepidation and determination from watching the introduction movie. Which you should all watch, by the way; I believe it to be at the pinnacle of RTS introductions.

    • Oh, and don’t forget the fact that many members of the team are veterans from Cavedog’s masterpiece. I mean, they even got the SAME VOICE-ACTOR for the concept video! I think i’ll actually pledge if this continues looking this good.

  • “We’re not shooting for realistic we’re shooting for AWESOME.”

    Yep. Only a couple days in and they already have $600,000 pledg– ohwait. That was an hour ago. Now they have $610,000 pledged.

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