And Now, Sleeping Dogs Will Perform A Magic Trick

Kotaku likes Sleeping Dogs very much. Kotaku also likes magic. You, hopefully, like Sleeping Dogs and magic, too.

Have you seen the trick that Sleeping Dogs protagonist Wei Shen can pull off? Watch and marvel.

Wei the MagiShen Debuts His Newest Trick! [YouTube Thanks, Praxic!]

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    Sleeping dogs is a fantastic game and I like it very much.

    This past weekend could be summarized for my by the words "Sleeping Dogs"... I love it. But I too have encountered some pretty entertaining bugs/glitches re: NPCs and Pedestrians appearing/disappearing.

    That... is some creepy stuff right there...

    More so by the strange man-child who said... sooomething just after the woman disappeared...


    haha, good stuff. I've been playing this game so much since I got it Thursday. So fun.

    It's too short though the whole thing only took me 16 hours and that wasn't just the campaign.

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