Angry Birds Space Update Pig-Jacks The Mars Rover Curiosity

Angry Birds Space Update Pig-Jacks The Mars Rover Curiosity

NASA is sending animals into space again. Well, the pigs and birds of Rovio’s mobile hit aren’t actually real. But they’ve become officially sanctioned astronauts anyway.

The latest update to Angry Birds Space features a suite of levels set on Mars where the warring species take turns sitting on top of the $US2.5 billion space exploration vehicle. The new levels still sport the spherical gravity and improved mechanics that Space introduced to the franchise, but adds a Curiosity-centric twist to opening up hidden levels.

Instead of hunting for Golden Eggs, players will need to land their birds on rover vehicles peppered throughout the environment to warp to the bonus areas. The level pictured below is the first of the hidden levels, which are usually homages to classic games. Either I just can’t place the game being referenced here or Rovio decided to keep homages out of the Red Planet content. If you want to see what the Birds‘ new Mars-focused puzzles play like, the free update is live as of today.


Angry Birds Space


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