Anonymous Claims PSN Hack Affecting 10 Million Accounts [Update: It's A Hoax]

Anonymous claims it broke into the PlayStation Network and has a 50 gigabyte database of email accounts and their passwords. 10 million accounts "are at risk," says the hacker involved. The passwords appear to be encrypted, and many of the accounts published in this document appear to be from northern Europe. This still would be a great time to double-check your password security.

Kotaku has contacted Sony for comment and will update as the situation progresses.

[Update] The list in question appears to be a copy of this pastebin posting from March 19.

[Update] Shane Bettenhausen, with business development at Sony Computer Entertainment America, says the claim is "totally fake."

[Update] Sony itself says the claim is "completely false."


    I really am glad i never put any finacal details into the PSN network, all i have downloaded from them is the free stuff and thats it.

    Having my personal details and bank account compromised, is a small price to pay for access to original Playstation IP... What? Have you played Uncharted 3?! '=D

    What those kids are still going at it? Bunch of retards that lost their aim that they claim to be. I remember them saying they are doing anonymous online protest against unfair situations and against company decisions that affect user badly. Now they just randomly hack around pwning stuff. How low can they get

    Guess someone in Anonymous is a fan boy and hates how awesome Sony's conference was yesterday.

    You can't believe everything you read on the Internet. That's how World War I got started.

    Woohoo 2 more free Playstation games in 4 months time!

    Didnt Sony deny that finacial information was accessed last time something like this happened? And a few days later reveal that they were wrong? I doubt this story is over.

      No financials were ever accessed to begin with and all accounts of 'stolen' info all turned out to be your usual daily victims of fraud who happened to just blame Sony since it was the 'big' scandal of the weeks and was an easy target.

    Anonymous = cyber terrorism. Shoot them, now.

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