Another Gamer Testifies To The Awesome Calorie-Burning Power Of His Standing Desk

Earlier this week, I shared my story of falling in love with playing video games (and working) at a standing desk.

In this video found via Reddit, YouTuber Happy Jack enthusiastically shows off his standing desk, which he made out of an art easel (nice call!) and actually uses an Ergotron monitor holder (Ergotron makes the standing desk attachment that I use). He talks about standing gaming with an enthusiasm that I know well — it's such an easy way to feel so much better every day.

This reminds me that I need to get on finding a stool — that's the one element missing from my setup at the moment. Anyone out there tried a temporary standing desk yet? If you are, how are you liking it?


    Someone I know has gone the next step and bought a treadmill-desk. He walks AMAZING distances whilst playing skyrim!

      Better yet, hook it up to the controls. Want to escape that giant that's about to send you flying? Better run fast!

        I know your joking but the treadmill systems I've seen relay speed to the computer so it's very possible.
        Also seen one when you stop walking the controller disables, so you need to keep moving to keep playing

        coincidentally, that is my personal goal, but not for Skyrim, and my plan is to use a cross trainer not a treadmill.

    I built a shelf of sorts to go on top of my regular sitting desk, essentially turning it into a standing desk. The first couple of weeks were rough. I would get restless trying to stand for that long. But now I absolutely love it. Using my PC standing is completely natural and feels great. HIGHLY recommend it!

    When I got an 27' iMac the only place it fit was on top of my old bar.
    Since then I think at least for my needs that this is the ideal setup.
    I can just walk up do something quick and move away without having to dedicate myself to the computer. I don't play computer games simply because I find it annoying to dedicate myself to a computer and really I'm spending 9 hours a day using one at work.
    I only use my computer for short times; like paying bills, checking websites that don't work on my iPad (becoming an non-issue) and anything that you need a keyboard for or is impractical for a touch screen.

    I'm considering getting a full touch screen pc because if I don't need a mouse even better.

    But sitting is important too. You need to rest to be able to function at full preformance.

    After watching that video, I went outside and built my own standing desk, but it feels a little low so will have to make some adjustments

    My lower back has been suffering from my sitting down to work the last 6 months. Going to the hardware store tomorrow to buy the shit to build a standing desk.

    Finding random objects to prop up my monitors , keyboard & mouse.

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