Another Look Inside ‘Copernicus,’ The Game You’ll Never Play

Another Look Inside ‘Copernicus,’ The Game You’ll Never Play

It was meant to be the /”first triple-A, hundred-million-dollar-plus, free-to-play, micro-transaction-based MMO,” according to the studio’s celebrity boss, Major League Baseball all-star pitcher Curt Schilling. But plans for “Project Copernicus” vaporized when Schilling’s studio — makers of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning went under back in May.

Since then, screenshots and even this trailer concept have leaked out, showing what 38 had in mind, even if Schilling himself said the game wasn’t in any kind of a playable state. Here now is a series of three videos uploaded to YouTube by someone who appears to be a former 38 Studios artist. His team is especially proud of how they optimised “Jottunhessen” (third video), another realm within the game. They should be. Maybe this would have changed how people view free-to-play games.

Jottunhessen concept

Jottunhessen optimized


  • While it looks stunning, without any kind of gameplay video, there’s no way for people to tell whether or not the game would’ve been any good. I mean FFXIV is beautiful yet the original version had horrendous gameplay. So much so that another team had to essentially rebuild the mechanics from scratch.

      • yeah, I seriously doubt it. Some of the stuff they did in KoA will really piss off people in an MMO. Note that I’m talking about gameplay, not just combat. Combat they can probably do to a certain extent.

  • This may have had potential. For the first title with such a budget though… You kind of expect to see a little more magic. Even in what little we have to see I expected more.

  • Contrary to most peoples comments, this looks pretty specatcular too me. What is the state of Copernicus’ IP rights? I damn hope someone takes over and finishes it, looked to be one of the most promising MMO’s to me. Even something like Tera, I can’t help but feel that combat really isn’t that tight or smooth. KoA:Reckoning had some wicked combat, and I loved every bit of that game

  • When I was playing KoA, it always felt like it could have been a MMO, the gameplay ran smoothly, although it the combat did get very boring after a while.

    I reckon if they get bought out hopefully they can make ir and add an extra 60-150 new combos to each class. Cause the first game ran smoothly. Just sidnt have much do ilin it either.

    Adding a dozen professions, more alive town with pubs that have a few mini game.
    Spend a bit of time to make sure it has a very large item number with loads of different armours and weapons, and dont do wat WoW does and repeat the same armours and weapons.

    KoA has huge potential, some just needs to give it a chance. There heaps this company coulda have still proven if they had the chance to get a bit more experience.

  • This was also using the Aussie-made BigWorld tech. It’s a pity it folded, as it would have been AWESOME exposure for BigWorld.

  • Every time I see something about this game I feel bad for the people who worked on it. Obviously it’s pretty far along (maybe 70%? wild guess) so it really sucks for the people to put all their energy and hard work into something, only for it to never see the light of day.

    Hopefully it does get picked up and released at some point, that way at least all these people have something to show for all that time they put into it.

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