Apparently You Can Murder People In The New Madden

The next Madden will have all the usual features: tackling, audibles, hot routes, in-depth playbooks, canoe pursuits, and slow-motion chain kills.

Just ask Best Buy:

And people say Madden never changes.

[Thanks Holden!]


    Hahaha That sounds like a mistype for Assassins Creed Liberation

      *REEEEEEEEEEEEALLY* ya dont say...

        man you are on some serious crack relaxxxxx

          You know I had some of my kids wizzfizz he got from the ekka? I haven't had that shit since I was like 8......... holy crap. It's like meth for kids!!! O_O

    Apparently its a slow news day

      Just another Kotaku day

    now if they don't put it in, people can sue them for false advertising!

    MADDEN: scalper

    where you dont actually see the game at all, you mearly try to sell your tickets out the front and make sure non of your scalper rivals sell thiers first!.


    They wanted to take the uncommon, darker path with this year's rendition of the game, you see.

    Imagine paddling a canoe around a football fields and pickpocketing people...grand theft canooing. I'm in

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