Arkham City Writer Won't Be Back For The Next Batman Game

Part of what's made Rocksteady's two Batman video games such great experiences has been the pitch-perfect stories players encountered in each. The narrative contributions in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City came Paul Dini, who's written excellent Batman stories for TV and film as well. But it seems that Dini may not be returning for the rumoured prequel supposedly due out in 2014.

In tweets cited in an post, Dini says that he didn't even know about the alleged third Bat-game until recently. He also says that Arkham City was his last foray into Rocksteady's Batman video game universe. Of course, with the alleged game two years out, there may still be a chance that Dini could contribute to the inevitable Arkham threequel. On the other hand, there could also be another writer from DC Comics' stable of talent handling the story instead of Dini. Either way, a very high bar has been set by Dini in the two extant Batman games and the next title in the series will have weighty expectations to live up to.

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    I am utterly and completely uninterested in a 'silver age' Batman game, and I loved the first two Arkham games. Really hope that rumor isn't true.

    I don't think this is an Arkham game though.

    2009 Batman:Arkham Asylum
    2011 Batman:Arkham City
    2013 Batman:Gotham City ?????
    Seems like a pretty logical way to go to me.

      Batman Begins
      The Dark Knight
      The Dark Knight Rises

      seems legit

    Grant Morrison? :D

      The final level of the game would be you trying to convince a giant Grant Morrison to let you views the credits roll.

    Maybe hes not going to be the writer because they want to have it feel separated from the previous 2 games and then he will return whenever they want to continue on from the end of arkham city.

    Sad to hear the existing writer not contributing (yet?) as the first two are amazing and to me possibly the greatest Batman interpretation yet.

    I wouldn't mind if Frank Miller got involved though. His Year One and Dark Knight Returns are excellent.

      That would be amazing. Sadly people tend to hate on him and his work nowadays, so I can't see that happening.

    This gonna be sum bull cause why the hell would you go back on the story i dont care for the 1950's batman or the justic league bring dini back and make more arkham games or gotham city maybe but dont go back its not a good look for rocksteady

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