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    If you have an office job, you spend countless hours at your desk. Do you make a big fuss about having the right keyboard, mouse and chair so that those hours are slightly more tolerable?

    How about at home?

    I use the same keyboard at home and work, an Apple wired keyboard with numpad. Mainly for the sake of consistency but also because it's a pretty sweet keyboard. Takes up little space, feels great to type on (although I do miss the clackiness of my mechanical keyboard).

    The mouse at work in a Microsoft something or other. I like the shape and it gets the job done. At home, I use a Logitech MX518 that I'm thinking of switch out for something from Steelseries (that's the same shape as my MS one but with a few extra things that I want to use for gaming, like additional buttons and being able to change the DPI settings on the fly).

    The chair is where it all falls apart. My chair at work is shit and there aren't any decent ones to loot. It's much better when I get home, I shelled out a bit of money and bought one of those "executive" leather chairs from Officeworks. Feels like a throne.

    It's not something people really think about but when you consider the hours you spend using this stuff, maybe it's worth upgrading to something you really like and feel comfortable with.

      At home I have a Microsoft Sidewinder keyboard. I often move the numpad to the left to give me more mouse space. I use a G500 mouse, it fits my hand pretty much perfectly. My desktop is covered in Steel Series Mousepads, so glidey!

      I'm using a MS keyboard at work, but it's just a standard model. I'm using perhaps the most generic 2 button mouse - it doesn't have a brand name on it anywhere, but it does have a scroll wheel. I've got one of my Steel Series mouse mats instead of having to use the high gloss table.

        Now you've got me thinking about my old Sidewinder 3DPro...

    Who's your favorite Transformer?

      I'd have to go with G1 Soundwave. His motto, combined with his cold, calculating manner is absolutely chilling: "Cries and screams are music to my ears"

      Also Skywarp. Because black and purple is the best colour scheme ever.

      Unicron: I have summoned you here for a purpose.
      Megatron: Nobody summons Megatron.
      Unicron: Then it pleases me to be the first.

      Hard not to go past G1 Optimus.
      But then, G1 Ironhide had that awesome drawl...

      G1 Jazz. He was a prankster, but he knew how to get the job done.

      I'm still waiting for a masterpiece version to stand next to my Rodimus Prime.

    Can I transfer my ambassador status from an AUS 3DS to a UK 3DSXL? Cartridges are compatible because we are "PAL" right?

      I'm not sure, I know that UK DS games work in 3DS but I read somewhere that region locking kept UK 3DS games from working,

    Now that generic Mario platformers (it pains me to say that) are popping out, is the world going to end?

    Will my new e-mail address posts stop being moderated soon? I sure hope so. :P

    A fire-spewing T-rex from space that transforms into a pissed off robot. Grimlock > all.

    Given the recent uPlay issues, I thought I'd try my luck at getting a refund for Driver:SF from Steam. What do you think are the odds on that actually happening?

      Possible, if you haven't played it I guess?

    You have to get the meat from the fridge in the trailer from earlier on. When the dog appears, drop back down and dump the meat in the car to the right. You'll work out the rest.

    CONFUSED? You should be. That's an answer, not a question?!

    What am I on about? Well instead of asking a question, I gave an answer. It's your job to give me the right question.

    AND REMEMBER: GOOGLE might give you the answer (uh I mean question...), but you can't really win if you never truly played the game. And cheating isn't playing. =]

      How do I stop this dog from jumping up and doing push ups on my head whenever I try to climb the bridge to Zandorgadorf?

        I had to google "Zandorgadorf" to see if that was a legitimate response.

    I just signed up for an Outlook email account?

    What's going on with the SFxT DLC? I downoladed the new patch, but the new chracters aren't up yet. Was it delayed or something?

    Will we be able to customize and upgrade our cars in the new "NFS Most Wanted"?

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