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    Why do people think personal opinion = the truth?

      Easy to be self-absorbed when an entire world is seen through your own perspective, I guess. :P

      But my personal opinion IS the truth. Everyone elses opinion is wrong, unless it agrees with mine.

      Truth really is one's perspective. Regardless of whether or not it's factually accurate is another matter

      Truth is opinion + proof.
      With no proof, you have no truth, only an opinion.
      It's just that people become so pig-headed in their thoughts that what they believe, they see as truth, when in actuality, they have no proof with which to back it up.

    Where do i get started organising a one month trip to europe?

      Write up a vague outline of where you'd like to visit.
      Research on the internet.
      Looks for deals.

      I suggest walking into a travel agent and saying what you want to see and then see what they offer. Do it at different stores too.

      Even if they don't have things you want to do, they might give you some ideas.

      Just did something similar. Firstly work out the countries you want to go to. Then the cities or sites within those countries. Then give yourself rough timeframes, say five days in France, then five in Italy, etc, knowing that you can be flexible and change it to four in France and six in Italy if you find interesting stuff when you research further.

      Then there's transport. Generally for getting trains around Europe you need to book ahead. Try sites like or the official sites for that country, trenitalia etc. And regularly check the budget airline sites for sales.

      But the best advice is use tripadvisor. Knowledgeable people on the forums there and the reviews of places to stay and things to do will help you immensely.

      Expedia is a good resource for cheap flights. Ask other friends who have been for recommendations on accomodation (eg. Bulldog is the best backpackers place in Amsterdam).
      Think of some events you really want to attend (mine was EXIT music festival in Serbia and Running with the Bulls in Spain), and work your dates and routes around those.

      Planning is half the fun too. Don't let it stress you out, let it build excitement.

      Dude.. best advice i got for my trip to Europe a few months ago.. Cheap flights for all domestic travel. I got from Stockholm to London on $20AUD!

      and yeah expedia is great as is all of the advice above.,


    That game could've been amazing! I started playing it again last night, but had to stop after car fell through the road into open sky twice in 10 minutes.

    The 2nd chapter, after Vito returns to the US, has so many great moments of interaction with NPC's and there is so much going on. I remember the first time I played that part and it got me so excited for the rest of the game!

    Obviously by the halfway point, my excitement was wanning heavily. it's pretty obvious the game was shipped un-finished and most likely they ran out of both time and money.

    It still pisses me off when I think about it. I had such high-hopes for it and loved the original.

    And they got so many things right in Mafia II. The world detail is immense. At any moment, you can stop your car and get out, and the shop fronts, alleys and general architecture of the area is stunning. The cars and simulation driving mechanics, while having a huge learning curve, are great. Especially during the early snow levels, with the way the snow heaps on the roof and tyre skirting.

    It's also probably the best in-game hair I've seen in a video game. And it has to be. The character models themselves are pretty decent for a 2010 release.

    Oh, question... Do you ever think we'd see a developer like 2k Czech go back and finish an un-finished game, like Mafia II, and re-release it as a "REDUX" or "DIRECTORS CUT" edition?

      I personally liked it a whole lot. The world did feel a little empty and more regular check points would've been decent, but it was a nice surprise for me atleast. (Then again, I haven't played the first and had zero expectations going in.)

      Even being unpolished at times I thought it was still a great game with generally mostly likeable characters. The environment is gorgeous, but the story never really gets you amongst it and the only way you really appraciate the detail is if you explore the entire world for those friggin' wanted posters!

    Would people like to see anything or change anything in Potaku?

      i tink u guys shud panda to the casual market and talk more about angry brds

      bcause man, women, amirite??

      I have never read those articles. I open them, see lots of words and crazy quoting and click "back"

      I need to see the point of an article within the first couple of seconds or else I'm out.

      Possibly move community news towards the end, maybe? Might alienate folks who aren't on TAY or Twitter. Your instincts have served you well so far, man, so just keep on doing what you're doing.

      I know it's an audio podcast but a video podcast once in a while could be cool. Imagine the two hosts and the guests playing 4 player games like Borderlands, Trials Evo, Blur or FIFA as they discuss the week's events.

      A trivia section on one episode could be cool as well.

      You guys are doing a great job though, keep it up.

    So what does everyone think of the Soundwave 2013 line up?

    I'll be honest I am greatly disappointed for something that was always pinned as a metal festival, but now seems like it's a general rock festival, and the line up already a laughing stock from those who have real festivals in Europe.

    I'm hoping announcement 2 brings some awesome bands to go with Metallica & Anthrax. Because right now I can't justify the 187 dollar ticket price + whatever booking is now.

      It's never been a Heavy Metal only festival. It's always been a Heavy Metal + Hard Rock + Punk Rock + "alternative nostalgia" festival, catering to as many of the guitar-orientated "non-mainstream" genres as it could.

      This year looks no different to the previous years. Personally, I'm looking forward to:
      The Offspring
      Paramore (gf's plays them endlessly)
      The Lawrence Arms
      Cancer Bats*
      Shai Halud
      The Wonder Years
      Red Fang*

      The ones with Asterisks you should give a listen to as well.

      if you want a real metal festival, start saving up for next years WACKEN. A couple of my mates just went and had their mind blown. It's worth the dosh.

        If I could afford to go to Wacken Open Air oh man i'd be there in a heart beat, same with Sonnipshere, Download, Rock Am Ring & Rock Am Park.


        The line up is just represented by more Punk acts this year, which isn't a bad thing.

        Personally looking forward to:
        Motion City Soundtrack
        Blink 182
        Linkin Park
        Stone Sour
        Sum 41

      Thought it was great, there a couple of acts are a must see, and a stack more that I wouldn't mind seeing just because they are there, so my total was over 10+ to see...

      The opposite for the BDO this year, which I found incredibly disappointing.

        Big Day Out each year becomes worse & worse.. I will admit I went this year solely to see Tony Hawk & The Living End, but I didn't buy a ticket day 1 of sales, friend had a spare and I had half a dozen other friends going so worth it in a way in the end.

      I think it looks really good, but again it is more suited to my tastes rather than an actual metal festival which I think it has been previously?
      It is actually reminding me of a really early 2000s big day out kinda line-up.

        Well Soundwave has always been put forward as a Metal festival featuring other genres not an alternative rock festival featuring metal =/

        A real metal festival is something that has been wanted here for years and Soundwave was on the right track, AJ wanted to even do the multiple day festival thing with Soundwave Revolution which was a lot like what you'll find in Europe, but that fell through at the last minute due to bands & funding.

        We don't need another Big Day Out, what Big Day Out does is great they cater to the audience that love Triple J, we don't need a clone of Big Day Out. We really don't, and at that an over priced clone since tickets are now upto 187 before booking & postage fees.

          you really need to listen to other people when they're telling you things.

          Soundwave was never "put forward" as a Metal festival. You are talking crap. If you really think it was, that's most likely because you went to the 2008 festival first, which had a lot of metal bands on it.

          Soundwave started in Perth and it's first headline was Good Charlotte. When they included Brisbane and Sydney a few years later, it's headlines were Unwritten Law and MxPx.

          Not very metal so far.

          Then they finally brought it to Melbourne, three years after it had been running. And that years lineup had the American metal bands. But that's because in 2008 the "new wave of American Metal" scene had gotten pretty huge due to Metalcore bands. Not really the case anymore as it imploded on itself a year later.

          You should answer the first poster's question. lol.

            Lol, oh man. Excuse me whilst I go cry in the corner over my damaged ego.

              ok, here's some tissues (also not very metal).

                Thanks buddy, I appreciate the kind gesture since my obviously not very metal emotion are very sensitive.

    Has anyone played the dark void survivor missions DLC? Was it good?

    What characters do you want to see in Super Smash Brothers 3DS?

      Every single one ever, ideally. I want to see a brawl between Guybrush Threepwood, Holden Caulfield, Beowulf, and Ellie Kemper's character from Bridesmaids.

    When I finish Resident Evil 4, should I immediately start a new game on Hard or should I enjoy my accumulated gear in New Game Plus?

      New Game Plus, for sure.

        That's what I was thinking. And if I want to go back to it later with the ammo-scrounging and all I'll probably start on hard. But in the meantime I also want to 100% RE5 before RE6 comes out.

    Does anyone remember Ehrgeiz? From memory, it was an FFVII spinoff for PS1(PS2?), and was absolutely amazing. Please note, I am likely talking through the heaviest tint of nostalgiavision at the moment...

    I can't believe I'd forgotten it!

    Hey Mark,

    Put this in a different area too, but trying to see if you guys can put up a story for this. I've seen some very average Kickstarters, but this one I think deserves coverage. Big Birds been a part of most of our lives for 40+ years, Carol Spinneys done a lot for all of our educations, been a part of video game history to a small degree and now theyre trying to get a documentary funded for him.

    Could Kotaku do a story on this possibly? Thanks mate.

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