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    Why doesn't this feature get more use from the community? Come on team!

      Maybe because it's not really about videogames anymore and just a bunch of random questions and comments.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Because those of us who work during the day (and whose workplaces block informative sites such as this) find that by the time they leave a comment on here it's gone dead. What would be good (indeed here's something to ask of anyone still reading this?) is a system to track the threads you've posted in to see if there are new comments (kind of like a forum) can we haz this pls??!

    How many special people change? How many lives are living strange? Where were you while we were getting high?

    Is this really what it sounds like when doves cry?

    Do you think you are good at video games?

      No...not really.
      Which is one of the many, many reasons I don't enjoy playing online.

    Anyone else have today booked off for fall of cybertron?

      I'm going to be staring lustily at the game case for the next 5 hours until I finish work.

    Where is the fall of cybertron review?

    Whats heavier a tonne of steel or a tonne of feathers?

      Did you know there's is a difference in the tonne weight of gold and steel?

    I'm curious actually... you seemed to not really be that enthused about the 3DS XL before you played it, and went on to say you didn't really see the point in the DS XL before it. Why the no love for the bigger screen? Did you play around much with the old XL? For me, I really struggle going back to the standard size screens after an XL... thoughts?

      For me, I found the old XL to be uncomfortably and comically oversized. It was like being an infant, holding a misproportioned toy version of a real-world object. Just felt weird and wrong to look at. Yet to see this new XL, but I'll be sure to give it a whirl once my friend gets one for himself.

      Phat 4 lyf :P

        But did you actually play the original XL or that was just your impression? I reckon it took about a day or two of owning mine before I couldnt go back to the smaller screen.

          I didn't really play it much at all because I found it too physically uncomfortable to hold. Far too narrow and too square on the edges, not made to be held by human hands at all.

            I guess I'm... inhuman then :/

              We can be inhuman together!
              Could have been worse...could have been inhumane. :P

            I am now extremely disappointed. I can't believe you don't have taco hands!

      I'm kind of surprised by how many people are excited about it.

    Have you ever had a car stolen? Did you get it back?

    Mine got stolen from the train station last night. Police report filed, will be calling the insurance shortly.

    It was only a 1996 Nissan Pulsar, nothing flashy so the police suspect it was just kids (which is common for my train station)... Kicker is Gone in 60 Seconds was on TV on Sunday night, my lock was jimmied on Monday and the car was stolen yesterday... My theory is some little shits watched the movie and decided they'd try their hand at boosting cars, because I noticed someone else inspecting their doors on Monday as well.

      years ago, my dad left his car (old 60-something mini) at a station overnight. came back to find it on blocks & stripped of all working parts (jokes on them, not much was working) & the petrol had been syphoned out.
      people are jerks.

      aaanyway, hope the insurance covers it.

      Yeah I had mine stolen, and a friend's had hers stolen recently too. Mine was pulled over the same night by a drunk driver who already rode it off, but my friend's turned up abandoned a week or two later with no damage. Hers was taken for a joyride too, so you never know!

        My concern is the absolute lack of petrol in my car, if they took it for a joy ride they likely didn't get very far (a point I made clear to police)... Then again, they could've stolen a tank of petrol as well.

      My sister had her car stolen it was found on the side of the road a few days later; the engine was completely thrashed from misuse obviously the thief was dragging or speeding with it, also the fuel tank was completely dry they even stole some fuel from a petrol bowser it became a insurance writeoff and ofcoarse he was never caught.

      My friend had his car stolen. It was found two weeks later in a state forest in pristine condition EXCEPT for a single turd on the drivers seat.

        Seriously? God damn some people are messed up

        Yep, I'm anticipating a turd in my car, if for no other reason than the fact it was stolen with little petrol and I think the theives might feel jibbed.

          Yeah, thieves have a habit of defecating when they feel slighted.
          I once had thieves break into my house and steal everything that was portable (even make-up...who steals used make-up?! ). We didn't have insurance so we couldn't replace it. A few weeks later they broke in again, hoping to steal the replaced stuff and upon finding that we hadn't replaced anything they left turds in the fridge.

      I had a '91 Corolla hatch stolen a few years back. Well, kindasorta. Group of teens jimmied the lock on the driver's door, and attempted to hotwire it by grabbing at wires around the steering column. Evidently they had managed to get to my stereo wires.
      Never ones to admit defeat, they put the car into neutral and proceeded to push it as far down the street as possible before the steering lock prevented them from going 'round the bend.
      Aside from the lock, the only thing damaged/missing was the faceplate for my stereo, later found resting underneath the vehicle.

      I'll never understand some people!

    Mark, or anyone else who owns one, how are you finding the Nexus 7? I've been thinking about getting some sort of e-reader tablet thingy for a while now, mainly for reading comics, and after seeing the Gizmodo post the other day with Mark asking for apps I did a little research into the Nexus 7 and it sounds quite good. My only concerns at the moment would be the size and the wi-fi. In regards to the size, it seems a little small to read comics on. It sort of looks like you'd have to constantly be swipping the screen to read each panel. Can anyone comment on that? With wi-fi, I've never had much luck getting wi-fi to work on any of my devices, so is it possible to just connect the tablet to a PC via a cable and access the internet that way to download stuff?

      The thing thats holding me back is the hard drive. Thoughts?

        I must admit, 16gig does seem rather small. Text, books, comics, images etc wouldn't take up too much room though, would they? It would only be videos, games and certain apps you'd really have to watch out for.

    Skylanders Giants is being released with the Portal and *without* the Portal; Is the new version of the Portal wired for Xbox 360, or finally cordless like the PS3 version??

      I had no idea the PS3 one came with a wireless Portal. I almost regret going for the 360 version now.

    Is there any further word on the Gold Coast Movie World meet up?

    I've got to book leave.

      Best to ask on TAY, buddy!

        But... but... TAY is so immensely immense!

          That's true. (Though it has slowed down a little bit in recent months.) I posted a heads up on page 4 that you're looking for details. Hopefully someone knowledgable will answer! :D

          Not these days.It's pretty diminutive.

          Best to ask DAN! about that particular meat.

    For gw2, I was wondering which server the majority of Aussie are connecting to?

      Sea of Sorrows (Unofficial Oceanic Server), Isle of Janthir, Gate of Madness, are the three main ones mate, there is a 4th but i can't remember it atm sorry. Take advantage of the "free" Server Transfers in the first week to find some other Oceanic players if you can't find any. My Guild is looking at starting on SoS (Sea of Sorrows) but will see how things go over the weekend and adjust accordingly.

      They're all going to be packed.

      Personally I'm going Isle of Janthir, because thats were reddit aussies are going. Free server transfers is probably the best way to go =)

    Master race quetsion.. I have built a new PC recently on a budget. For $700 so far I have the following:

    i5 3570
    Sandisk 120gb SSD
    Gigabyte mobo (not sure Z77 something?)
    16gb of 1600? DDR3 ram
    600w PSU

    My question is, for around $100-$150, what gfx card would /should I get.i don't really do PC gaming all that much so this isnt a gaming rig as such, but I'd like the option of playing some games so its really about what is the best value for money that is compatable with my system?

    Any help is appreciated. Ideally something from MSY as they are local, but PC casegear or similar is ok too.

    thanks awesome master race!

      I'd just find the highest model number I could, based on my budget, and then do a quick Google and look for commentary on sites like CNet, or there's the recent GPU article Kotaku ran which had some general performance stats on Nvidia cards:

      Having said that, the last GPU I went out and bought was a Voodoo.

        Gigabyte GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB $125 on PCCaseGear
        Not much else really around for that price Nvidia wise, also i would recommend getting yourself another HDD to store your music and videos, You dont want to be filling that SSD.
        1600? assuming you mean 1600MHz, depends on your mobo. Also Dual Channel or Triple? plus 16gb is overkill 8gb is more than enough, and a dvd drive
        just my 2 cents hope it helps you out :)

          Good suggestion re extra hard drive.

          TotalBiscuit has 32gb of RAM. Seriously - why?

            That question you should be asking yourself, not being a smartass there btw.\
            What are you using the PC for? and for what you are using it for, will it "require/utilise" all that ram. My system has 8gb of ram... it is a pure gaming machine and nothing else, under full load i still have 4gb of Ram sitting there, doing nothing except having a good time being bored. If you are going to be doing rendering/video editing by all means go out and smash as much RAM in your machine as possible because it will utilise it. The amount of RAM "Required" in a machine is always mis-conceived" hope that answers your question :)

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