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    Yo Kotaku, whats your favourite character archetype?

    Robot, Samurai, Pirate, Russian Wrestler, etc


      They always seem to have ulterior motives in video games :)

      Probably police officer, thanks to the Resident Evil officers (Redfield, Valentine, Kennedy), and Rick Grimes from Walking Dead, and of course Hot Fuzz.

    What's your preferred format when buying and reading ebooks? I'm a Kindle man, myself.

      This is something I've been looking into for work recently.
      We're getting pressure from management to start going toward e-books, the only problem is that the publishers of e-books are all over the place. Different textbook publishers have different methods of accessing their e-books, different licencing terms, different formats etc.
      The other problem is that the texts the students have to study are not all available.
      Yet another problem is, we cant expect every student to go out & buy their own reader. Sure, the school could buy one for each of them, but they've all got the government funded laptops already, & they hardly ever bring them, so that will probably end up as just another piece of equipment they 'forget' to bring.

      Yeah, I know. There's a world of difference between someone reading an e-book on their reader and trying to move a library textbook collection from hard copy to e-resource, and to be honest, I don't think its going to be feasible in the foreseeable future. But if we go with the management's plan, were going to have a more or less unusable library (which puts me out of a job), and if we don't go with it, we get shit from the bosses coz we're being uncooperative.

      man... I hate my job sometimes.

      I would probably have bought a kindle if I didn't get an iPad - since I can read my ebooks on that (and my phone) I now have no need of one.

      I'm a kindle man too. Although it doesn't do colour, for everyday reading I find its much easier on the eyes that tablets. Also, you almost never have to charge it.

    Whatever happened to Euclideon? They've got an new website coming, so they must still be there

    what is the best Mech based game or tv show/cartoon EVER?


        eva is a good call. currently watching Evangelion 2.0. at home. Havnt had time to finish watching it.

      It sounds like you're asking about the Mechwarrior series of computer games... which was based off the the Battletech tabletop game. Which was expended to an exhaustive number of novels and the Battletech cartoon series.

        can be mechwarrio can be robotech can be any number of anime films. Not just things based in the battletech universe.

      Well, since Transformers was disualified... I'd like to recommend Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

      Game would be Front Mission 3. Awesome TRPG.

      If we're disqualifying Transformers then the answer is simple: Robotech.

      For me would be the original Lost Planet (a very different game to it's sequals), and Neon Genesis and Appleseed.

    Don't know if this is the place to post it, but have been looking for some more friends on Xbox Live lately (wow, that sounds pretty depressing!). Is there anywhere on the site where the Kotaku guys/girls can share their gamertags?

    I added a few from one of the Trials Evolution articles, but would love to play with/against more of you.

    I guess this stuff is probably in one of the the TAY threads, but they are so huge and hard to search through.
    Gamertag is Raardvark if anyone feels like adding. :)

        Wow, thanks for that.
        It's pretty great that people put effort in to set those kind of things up.
        Added myself to the list! :-)

          Welcome aboard, man!

            (My details aren't on the list, though. Don't play any multiplayer at all, alas.)

      I added you but I only play after work and on weekends always up for multiplayer or coop however send me a party invite whenever I'm on I usually accept.

      Cool, added (to the list). I don't play all that much online multiplayer, but love to battle Leaderboard times/scores. More the merrier.

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