Aussie Gamers, This Is You. In Infograph Form

Aussie Gamers, This Is You. In Infograph Form

Because statistics are useless unless they’re presented as part of an infograph !

All statistics were taken from a report conducted by Bond University. You can read the report here. Thanks to the iGEA for sending it in!


    • Says enjoy playing with others not prefer.

      And there is a big distinction. I’d prefer to play by myself 90% of the time ecause they are the titles I play(I think MP without someone you know is also essentially playing alone)

      But I have no problem whipping out something like Burnout 3 for some 1v1 takedown action or the variety of other party games that exist out there

    • I assume by gaming they mean there is a wii or Ps2 in there.

      The report should detail what they classify exactly. Since you can argue words with friends and draw something are games as are Facebook games which starts to encompass most of the population.

      Problem is that most people like to think only the box copy games for consoles and PC are games(since after all their always the ones that Fox news blames. Never gonna see them go this guy went on a shooting rampage after playing FarmVille too much)

    • I would HOPE by ‘video game’ they mean any video game, from skyrim to tiny wings. They are all equally valid as video games.

  • I’m still surprised to see so many people purchase from local brick and mortar retailers. I don’t think I could ever buy from an Australian retailer any more, there’s no way I can justify spending an extra $50 on new releases just for the convenience of having it on release. There’s also no way I can justify supporting EB Games in any way, shape or form. IMO they would have to be the most revoltingly priced company in Australia that I can think of, furthermore they’re not even Australian owned so by purchasing from OGS less money probably leaves the country than if I purchased through EB. IMO brick and mortar needs to die unless they can pull their obnoxious heads in and force publishers to set realistic prices for their products.

    • Eh I buy from JB Hifi most of the time, and generally on occasions where I either don’t want to deal with a 10-14gig download or when they’re cheaper (ie The Witcher 2).

      • I actually don’t mind JB too much although I don’t purchase from there, definitely a lesser evil compared with EB. Definitely worth checking out OGS especially in regards to new releases though.

    • That’s why you just buy games that are on sale instead or otherwise marked down. I only ever buy my games from brick-and-mortar stores, and generally don’t get anything over $40, with most games being around the $30 mark.

      • Fair call champ, it’s just that limits you from new releases. I was in the same boat until I found OGS, now I pretty much buy any game I want. I may wait a week or two but the savings is well worth the wait. I’ve probably saved roughly $1000 (In comparison to EB prices) over the last year which is pretty incredible.

        • True, though I’ve amassed a backlog of over 140 games at last count, so I’m never lacking in something to play. Most new released aren’t new by the time I bother to play them anyway 😛

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re misrepresenting it a bit, and that a fair amount of people who purchase at Brick & Mortar stores *also* purchase Online or Digital. I know I’d personally fit into all three categories.

      • Yeah, that stat was where to you prefer which is also a big difference to where do you most commonly purchase from.
        I would say a number of those people would “prefer” to buy from bricks and mortar but more commonly go OGS

    • Maybe it depends where the female gamers are playing though. Facebook/mobile doesn’t really change the way the console stuff(which has marketing etc) is being played.

      And if they are currently on console they are playing these games for a reason. While it would be nice to get some of the stupid gender based shenanigans that occur in video games removed.

      I don’t think it would result in enough of a pickup from female gamers to account from the potential idiots who need jiggly boobage everywhere.

      • Yeah wish they had broken it up a bit better. Ok yes Facebook gaming is technically gaming but as far as I look at it it’s gaming’s bastard brother that should stay in the bloody corner with its head hung in shame.

  • So you basically produced an infograph from a report that is made almost entirely of infographs?
    If you are interested in any of the stats click through, the report has a little bit more info but is still presented in graph from

  • There is some great information Publishers can deduct here, but also raises new questions. Eg of the 47% of female gamers, how many own a console? Which platform of choice? Which preferred genre? Age? How many game purchases per year? Do they participate in online competive gaming?

  • Okay, out of that 47% which is female, what’s the percentage of them that don’t play CoD or smartphone/tablet/casual games?

    • Yes!. This is what I’ve always been most interested in and why the 50/50 gender split that’s been bandied about for donkeys years is such an unsatisfying statistic. I seriously doubt that 50% of purchases of Skyrim or Mass Effect 3 were made by women. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for more women to play retail games, but these statistics are always heavily affected by casual games and COD. Remove those and it would be far more definitive.

  • Funny how ‘gaming’ is questioned when it is apparent that Females play. “What sought of games?” you ask, as if a statistic that shows a combined 38% of games being played are FPS & Action; it still means that Female gamers probably play facebook.

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