Aussie Nintendo Store: Mario's New Super Digital Frontier

This week's update is something special, not only is it the first time we've got a retail game available for sale on the eShop it's also the most expensive one too.

That's correct, New Super Mario Bros. 2 will go on sale on Saturday on the eShop for $69.95. That's the same price as it recommended to go on sale in stores. You will find it a whole lot cheaper this week however with most stores selling it under $60. I've reviewed the game and it's nothing overly innovative it's a fun title. Is it worth $69.95 at retail or digitally, that's up to you.

On the retail games on eShop side of things you'll be able to download Freakyforms Deluxe and New Art Academy from tomorrow too if you switch your region to the UK. They're not out here yet at retail so they're not on our eShop.

Apart from the new Mario title there is Konami's classic Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for the Game Boy and The Lost Town - The Jungle for DSiWare. Goemon is probably the better pick of the two, I enjoyed the N64 one but I've never played the Game Boy one. Tell me how it is?

There's also more Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy DLC if you wish to nab it.

So then, possible the most loaded time I've asked this question. What are you buying?

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    This game just doesn't seem worth it to me. $70 is too much. I think $50 is a lot more acceptable.

      Our comrades in the UK share the same sentiment...
      I wonder if the NSMB2 eShop download codes will be available soon? I'm hoping retailers will undercut the $70 asking price on the eShop (for the download codes, not just the cartridge version).

    I'm really disappointed with the eShop. Surely the 3DS can handle at least SNES games but all we seem to get are a slew of original Gameboy titles and a smattering of NES titles.

      It really makes you wonder who is in charge or all Nintendo's e'shops and their releases. My guess is a tank full of Manatee's.

      I don't mind having the gameboy games but the simple fact is the 3DS could handle the N64 Geomon without breaking a sweat (and most other N64 games) so there's no excuse.

      yeah, they should really have Virtual Boy games IMO. Could go crazy and chuck N64 and original DS games on there. and what happened to 3D Classics btw? Big let down indeed.

    Fuck that price.

    Nintendo are retarted when it comes to eShop prices.

    I've never bought a portable game for more than $50 and don't intend to start now. Especially with such a lukewarm Mario game as this. Paper Mario on the other hand.....OR MAJORA'S MASK!!!!

      That's why I buy games when retailers close down (DSE) or when UK online retailers like Zavvi sell things like Theatrhythm for $23.

    Frankly Nintendo's price gouging (and that's what it is) is the reason I only own three 3DS games. I only paid $50 for #D land FFS, if the think I'm plonking down another $10-$20 for a 2D Mario - they have another thing coming.

    To me, that price just makes the whole eShop with retail game downloads worhtless - I refuse to pay such a high price for a game, and I don't buy the argument that it's to appease the retailers LOL
    This whole thing is utterly stupid

    The best retail price so far seems to be JB at $59. But Dick Smith are selling it for $50 but that's the online price only.

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