Aussie Nintendo Store - The Need for Speed

Disclaimer: there is no Need for Speed title out this week at all what so ever. Instead there is a nifty tunnel racer SpeedX 3D. The game has done well on iOS and Android and is out with proper controls and mind shattering 3D. I don't often downloading eShop titles on a whim... well I do but don't tell anyone.

Anyway, I did download this one on a whim and it so far is pretty good, if not a little heavy on the 3D effect. Luckily it's still pretty speedy in 2D as well. The other title this week is Game Boy RPG from Kemco. You know me and RPG's I have no idea what's going on but reviews out there say this is a good one, if a little simple.

So then, anything this week or are you all saving your money for New Super Mario Bros. 2?

eShop Original Titles

SpeedX 3D (Gamelion Studios – $4.50)

3DS Virtual Console

The Sword of Hope II (Kemco, Game Boy, $4.50)

Nintendo Video

The Incredible Barbazan: Raging Bull


    Super Mario Bros 2! I'm hoping I might get a good deal in a trade in and pick up a new 3DS XL as well.

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