Aussie Studio Developing Mass Effect 3 For Wii U

Aussie Studio Developing Mass Effect 3 For Wii U

Well, this is a surprise — it looks as though Australian studio Straight Right is being entrusted with porting Mass Effect 3 across to the Wii U.

The last game Straight Right worked on was Shift 2 Unleashed for iOS, a game which was released to great acclaim.

Straight Right announced the news on its Twitter and Facebook pages, and almost immediately after the announcement posted a pic of Mass Effect 3 running with the Wii U controller. It’s great to see a local developer being entrusted with such an important launch title. We can’t wait to see Straight Right’s work on the project.

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  • It’s something I guess. They mustn’t be doing it for much. I mean, it’s not like out sourcing things to Australia has ever been worth it unless the price is right.

  • Is it really an important launch title though…? If it was the trilogy, sure, but are there really any Mass Effect fans out there who didn’t buy the 3rd one because they wanted to get it on WiiU..? After that ending, would anyone want to pay a tonne of money to play through it again, especially with no save game importing? And would any new fan want to start at the third game in a trilogy? They’d have no idea what was going on.

    This game existing is proof big developers (or at least Bioware) aren’t prepared to take any major risks with the WiiU. And outsourcing it to an Australian company cinches it.

    • As far as the lack of save importing is concerned, they have stated they will be adding a short interactive sequence (much like the ME2 PS3 release) that allows the player to make all of the major decisions from the first 2 games.

      But yeah, ending problems aside, I don’t know how anyone could appreciate the scope or the emotional connection to the universe or characters without playing the prior games.

      Also, I wouldn’t necessarily blame Bioware for outsourcing the port to another developer. This is more likely the work of EA wanting the game to be on as many systems as possible.

    • How many people who owned a Wii buy not a 360/PS3 would be interested in a 40hour+ mature RPG? Honestly, putting aside the “I couldn’t afford more than one console” crowd (hard to swallow argument since the consoles have been out for how long now), I don’t see it being that appealing to those who bought a Wii for Wii Fit or the like.

  • Wtf.

    95% of Wii buyers were women or men buying the Wii for the kids and wife.
    No Wii players have played ME 1 or 2.
    This is sooo stupid how nintendo are trying to steal sony and microsofts customers by getting some of the PS3 and Xbox’s biggest hits onto the Wii U.

    Nintendo have allways being more successful in the family market.
    But nintendo havent got the developers that Sony and Microsoft has.
    Yh they can release these games on Wii U but man does that handheld look awkward

    • Wow. Your post makes absolutely no sense. Nintendo hasn’t got hte developers Sony and Microsoft has? They’re third party developers FFS. They choose which console they wish to develop for. Nintendo isn’t stealing anything.

      Btw I have a Wii and I’ve played ME2…

    • Well, the kids are (potentially) six years older than when their parents got them a Wii, so they might be looking for something beyond the next [insert any Nintendo branded game here]. Although, I have to wonder about the rationale of porting the last game in a 120+hr trilogy…

  • Good on them.

    But I’ve played it and struggled through making sense of the ending – was turned off by the ending, never went back to it for another play through and only watched the ‘improved’ endings via YouTube (rejection ending was my preference).

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