Australia Briefly Considered As Setting For Capcom's Remember Me

Remember Me raised a few eyebrows (in a good way) when it was shown at this year's Gamescom. Details are still trickling in from interviews conducted during the show, with one such talk with DontNod's Jean-Maxime Moris revealing that Australia, along with the United States, was considered as a location for Remember Me's cyberpunk gameplay.

In a chat with Joystiq, Moris mentions that Paris wasn't the only location on the list. While he sadly doesn't go into specifics — Australia is a big place — he does say the country was kicked around as a potential setting:

"Since the beginning, I really wanted to have Remember Me not being all French, for instance," Dontnod creative lead Jean-Maxime Moris told us in an interview this week at Gamescom. "Neo-Paris was a late choice, because we wanted to stay away from it ... First we thought about Australia or the US and then we were like, 'Well, let's just stick to Paris, because we have all the material, it's a great city and it hasn't been done in the way we wanna do it.'"

Australia really doesn't feature in games these days, other than say as place for a race track, so to hear it might have been home to a cyberpunk-themed AAA title is strangely tantalising. A shame it didn't stick — I'd love to have seen a futuristic interpretation of Sydney, Melbourne or even Hobbiton Auckland Hobart.

Remember Me's 'Neo-Paris' was a 'late choice,' US / AU both considered [Joystiq]


    Interesting. It's a shame we're hardly ever referenced in games, although Deus Ex Human Revolution had some pretty funny emails about a civil war.

      We're fairly central in team fortress 2, but that's about it I think

        It does help that the majority of tf team are originally from Melbourne

    Beneath a Steel Sky is a dystopian Sydney at war with the Hobart city state.

      BaSS is also an amazing game.

        Free on GOG too, for those interested:

    Last I heard, Adelaide was destroyed by Reapers.

    What... Dead Island was set on an 'Australian' island they even had fake accents and all.

      No, that was Papua New Guinea

      Pretty sure Dead Island is set in Papua New Guinea.

        Same deal. They're just what the 7th point on the commonwealth star on our flag used to represent when we owned them.

          ....your lack of Civics knowledge frightens me

    There are heaps of references to Australia in Dead Island, but as someone else said, its actually loosely based on Papua New Guinea.

    Ah Ty the Tasmanian Tiger had loads of References to Australia

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