Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When The Skyrim C.O.P.S. Come For You

Not all the guards in Skyrim are knee-injured former adventurers, and not all of their tasks involve capturing dragons and stopping marauding Dovahkiin. Some of them are just regular old working stiffs whose 9-5 involves cruising around and sorting out the drunk and the disorderly.

This Nerdist video takes look at what the show C.O.P.S. would be like if it was shot within Skyrim. It's billed as "Episode 1," so hopefully we'll get some more, because it is excellent.


    That quite amusing! Would be interesting to see if they can keep the humour in more episodes.

    hahaha that was great - but still not as great a Troops.

    Well, that's made my week.
    Definitely would want more Skyrim COPS.

    Haha - brilliant.

    COPS isn't an acronym or an initialism, so I don't think you need the periods in between each letter.

      Not an acronym? Constable on Patrol perhaps?

    Everyone should subscribe to the Nerdist channel, some great stuff on there.

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