Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Gives You Everything For $69.99

Due out September 11 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, the Battlefield 3 Premium Edition combines the original game, all expansion packs and a multiplayer head-start kit into one $US69.99 package.

Want to play Battlefield 3 but worried everyone else is too far ahead? Well they are, and there's nothing 15 different weapons, gadgets and vehicle upgrades are going to do to make that better. The multiplayer head-start package is just the icing on the cake for the Premium Edition of Battlefield 3, a means to lure fresh meat to the slaughter.

"Since launch, over 15 million people worldwide have enjoyed the thrill of Battlefield, and with the release of Battlefield 3 Premium Edition the community is set to surge once again. Packing a ton of gameplay at an incredible price, there has never been a better time to jump in and see what all the fun is about. We look forward to seeing some new faces on the battlefield," said Patrick Bach, Executive Producer, Battlefield 3.

See? Slaughter.


    this will piss alot of people off who just spent $60+ on premium alone

      Like me :|

        I guess we paid more to get it 3 months early

          I've had it since day 1 and sorta forget about spending after its done, but I just convinced my brother to get it he paid about $60NZ and only used his online pass last night, now this comes out for $80NZ, might hold off telling him about it for a while.

      Well they have +100 hours of game time and will much better at this game then the ones who buy this and get 15 gun unlocks and not know how to use them
      And people could have waited for some thing like I guess, EA did the some thing with BF:BC2

      Where does it cost $60+?

      Premium is only $50 on Origin in Australia, where games are usually a significant rip off (MW3 still costs $100 on Steam).

        I paid $66 for 4000MS in new zealand

          and it was originally $79 on PSN in NZ which no doubt some would have paid.

            It was actually NZ$89.99 on PSN originally, until people (myself included) complained on Battlelog . Premium is still overpriced now at $79.99, and the fact that you can get the Premium Edition for the same price is a kick in the face to anyone who has either bought the game, or Premium already.

    Great deal for new players
    Now my friends will get the game

    Well that's me sold on buying BF3 this year.

    LOL and teh milking continues XD

    Oh snow maps. I just might have to play BF3 again for the first time in 7 months, if it lets me connect, unlike last time I tried playing.

    add in Bots & LAN play** & I'm in.
    The combat training mode in Black Ops did this really well & I spent heaps of time with my mates just going against the AI.

    **I know. not gonna happen.

    I love Battlefilerd to death now getting close to the 150 hour mark but to have them sell us premium at $60 only to release the full game plus premium and all the unlocks - some of which I still don't have - for only a few dollars more than I paid only a few weeks ago is a disgusting act.

    I think I'll pop over to the EA forums to get some sort of comment from the horses mouth before I total lose it here.

      OK so the unlocks are just a 'head start' to help users get moving - not a complete unlock. So it's not all bad. Still a bit miffed about the price though.

    well that is a kick to the balls.

      Well I'm pretty sure it would be a normal thing for them to release a GOTY-esque edition. Just an incentive for interested people to buy it now.

    This shits me.
    Especially after I bought the "Limited Edition" on pre order (to get the Karkland DLC) only to realise later that I'd need to buy additional DLC. AND when I do shell out for the "Platinum" edition, instead of getting a second Karland DLC to give to a friend, essentially my "Limited Edition" disappears into the ether.
    FU EA/Origin.

      When people buy a game at full price and all the DLC/Expansions aftwards and then see them release a complete edition at a much lower cost, anybody would be annoyed. What I'm saying its pointless to be angry about it and it occurs with any other game.

    LOL So glad I held out on buying BF3 knowing this would happen.

    Alright that's lame cause I've paid easily 120 on BF3 now but on the other hand I like them giving new commers a better chance. With more NPC's running around should hopefully fill out more servers and balance out server stacking.

    extra 60 bucks and a 300hour head start good luck to the little nooblets hopefully fill up some more servers on ps3

    Hmm now the question is to buy it on the Origin Sale for $25 or get this version with all the trimmings in a month...

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