Beautiful Portraits Of The Men And Women Who Made Uncharted

By day, Iki Ikram works as an artist at Uncharted developers Naughty Dog. By night, he's a keen photographer. In this gallery of images, which he calls simply "dogs", Ikram manages to combine the two.

Each portrait is a developer at Naughty Dog. There are programmers, and there are artists. There are people you've never heard of, and people you have (like writer Amy Hennig and boss Evan Wells).

In an industry where the only time most readers ever come across the people who make games for a living is when they're smothered in PR and reading from a script at gunpoint on a developer diary, it's a rare, very human look at one of the most successful video game studios on the planet.

You can see the full series, and more of his other works, at Iki's personal site.


    Slow day in the newsroom huh

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