Blonde Twins Playing The Elder Scrolls Theme On Harps While Standing In A Forest

From the people who brought you Blonde Twins Playing A Metallica Cover On Harps While Standing In The Desert comes this brave new experience in weird nature-set harp covers.

As with the first time around, sometimes a headline is what it is. Sometimes you get exactly what you clicked on.


    I'm positive I've seen this on this site before.

      The last time, they were playing the game of thrones theme. In about the same costumes. In a very similar looking place

        No. I'm sure I've seen this EXACT one. The zelda one.

          Oh no that was the zelda one. My bad.

            These blonde twins playing harps all look alike.


    Oh fuck, there is still something inherently wrong with those strap-on harps.

      strap-on and harp is not a combination of words I'd ever think I'd read...

    I'll have the one on the right please.

    It's funny, if you watch it without sound, you'd think they were raging out a heavy metal cover with the way they move.

    What's with all the looks to camera?

      Gah I know! I had to stop watching their incessant head flips and awkward looks at each other put me off.

      I would say they had someone telling them where to look as they played. its to dirceted. They need less direciton, and a band.

    This was super creepy, they like continually look at each other and smile, then try to do that "Magnum" look from zoolander at the camera and repeat.

    ....You can tell they love themselves....

    Meh give me the spanish chick with the acoustic guitar who did the skyrim theme any day, she's gorgeous just being herself, these two need to use the blonde twin factor to get any kind of attention at all.

      Plus her versions are interpretations that are quite good, these two do flat covers with the occasional arpeggio, incredibly predictable.

        Speaking of Malukah, everybody needs to see her latest cover "Tale of the Tongues":

    I like it all, specially their hair.

    I find something creepy about these girls... "And look left, and up, and at each other, and smile... and repeat..."

    Cool. It's just nothing compared to song off the soundtrack. FOR THE KING...

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