Borderlands 2 Is 50% Bigger Than The Original

When people attach numbers to video games, in order to describe how much better they are compared to their predecessor, I sort of drift off a bit. It just feels a little dull. I felt this way when Gearbox started talking up the fact the game had 'millions' of guns, and I felt the same way when Resistance 2 started talking up their 60 player multi. Now, for Borderlands 2, Gearbox VP Steve Gibson is claiming the game is 50-60 per cent bigger that Borderlands 2. But what does that mean!

Perhaps I'm being a bit too harsh — Gibson also claims that the game's world has increased in density, which really does interest me.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it was about 50-60% bigger," Gibson told Games Master. "But it's also so much denser. Heck, just the city of Sanctuary, something like that couldn't exist in the first game. Our technology has evolved a lot to enable us to do that now."

I didn't get the time to play as much Borderlands as I wanted to, which is a shame since I really enjoyed the time I did spend with it. Personally I prefer it when developers increase the density of the game's world (which is why I'm such a massive Metal Gear Solid 3 fan) so this sounds really promising to me.

Borderlands 2 is '50-60% bigger' than the original [CVG]


    A denser world is just fine by me - also by the thought that it's not necessarily "50-60% bigger" in terms of actual square-footage. I can't stand games where the area is so large it takes forever to navigate, yet is completely empty. Far Cry 2 comes to mind, once you're a good thirty hours in. I'm hoping it's more like Arkham City - there's a lot to see and do, getting around is fun, and it doesn't take a huge amount of time to get from one end of the map to the other.

    I just hope the mid-game doesn't drag as much as the original.

      Pfft, Midgame in Borderlands was fine... what stings for me is Firestone... Especially during playthrough two where I have do shit like buy grenades and a shield when I already have grenades and a shield.

        You're going to see more of that. They've said it's going to be denser. So expect much more "hurr durr" quests.

        Usually I prefer my sequels to be more intelligent, but you know, whatever.

          I think you're missing my point, the thing that was shitting me most was the hour of tutorial quests that the original borderlands has... It's annoying as shit creating a new character, it's even more obnoxious on Playthrough 2.

          I expect most missions to be hurr durr quests, because honestly what games have objectives that aren't either "Go here" or "kill this".

            I think you're missing his point which was that 'denser' has two meanings, and he was taking the meaning that was not intended and using it to make a joke. That's irony.

              And for that joke I am terribly sorry. I try not to do it too often.

            On a serious note, I entirely agree about tutorial quests. They're fine on first play through but on a new game they could grate.

            The "fetch quest" is an interesting one too. Games are criticised for it, but what else are you going to do? Dead Space got criticised for fetch quests but I actually felt like I was always going somewhere for a good reason. If a town's power supply is out and the people are clearly suffering I'll enjoy tramping out to fix it. Or if there are rumours of a deadly cave nearby that everyone is too scared to go to, I'll gladly go out there. But those quests like "go pick up the 17 parts of my SMG for me" just really weren't fun.

        Well I started playing through it again a while ago and I hit that second largish area full of the bug things - by that point everything felt overly same-y and the quests had become repetitive. It was fine the first time around but now it feels like too much of a drag to be bothered with the rest.

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      Thanks for that! Been waiting for a GMG voucher before i pre-ordered borderlands 2.

    Anyone know if the game's going to have more voice acting? That was one of my big complaints with Borderlands, almost all of the quests were text only. For a non mmo it just felt really off putting.

      I seem to remember them saying they added more voice acting for quest dialogs

    I'd really love it if the wildlife in Borderlands 2 had their own behaviours. Imagine a pack of skags hunting herbivores or a wildebeest migration and you and three friends driving alongside them and doing some hunting for skins etc.

    I feel your items in game should only count based on unique models, saying I have 16 million weapons when I just have 1 axe in 16 million colours is misleading.

    Whenever I hear someone say they have something ridiculous like 1 million levels in their game I instantly know they have some crappy computer generation system so it will be nowhere near as good as what a human with creativity and goals will create.

    Right now, I'd be happy with them making it *better* than the first one. I loved Borderlands, and still play it occasionally now. I'm sick of hearing promises from game develoopers about how "things will be this" or "things will be that". Just make it more fun that the first, and you've got a winning game. Don't over hype it, and don't under deliver. Too many games fall into this category these days.

    "Now, for Borderlands 2, Gearbox VP Steve Gibson is claiming the game is 50-60 per cent bigger that Borderlands 2. But what does that mean!"

    That spellchecks broken? O_o

    Sadly i couldnt get into borderlands

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