Borderlands 2 Is 50% Bigger Than The Original

When people attach numbers to video games, in order to describe how much better they are compared to their predecessor, I sort of drift off a bit. It just feels a little dull. I felt this way when Gearbox started talking up the fact the game had ‘millions’ of guns, and I felt the same way when Resistance 2 started talking up their 60 player multi. Now, for Borderlands 2, Gearbox VP Steve Gibson is claiming the game is 50-60 per cent bigger that Borderlands 2. But what does that mean!

Perhaps I’m being a bit too harsh — Gibson also claims that the game’s world has increased in density, which really does interest me.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was about 50-60% bigger,” Gibson told Games Master. “But it’s also so much denser. Heck, just the city of Sanctuary, something like that couldn’t exist in the first game. Our technology has evolved a lot to enable us to do that now.”

I didn’t get the time to play as much Borderlands as I wanted to, which is a shame since I really enjoyed the time I did spend with it. Personally I prefer it when developers increase the density of the game’s world (which is why I’m such a massive Metal Gear Solid 3 fan) so this sounds really promising to me.

Borderlands 2 is ’50-60% bigger’ than the original [CVG]

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