Borderlands 2 Manual Leaked By Steam [Updated]

Gearbox's Borderlands 2 is shaping up to be a great co-op shooter, if early impressions are anything to go by. It's still a month out from release, but you can pre-order it on PC via Steam. If you've been subsisting on trailers and screenshots, here's something new to digest: The official manual, which is live, right now, on Steam's content servers.

Update — 12:40pm: And now it's gone! If it appears online elsewhere I'll update the post. Update — 12:54pm: I've added a few screen caps of the manual. Update — 12:58pm: Google's web cache still features a HTML version of the manual.

If you hit up this link, you'll be sent directly to the manual, in PDF form. At 37 pages, it's fairly meaty, but this includes the list of credits, legal disclaimers and the contents page. But that's nitpicking — if you're keen to get a head-start on your fellow players, have a read of the document and please, if you spot something that Gearbox has yet to mention, make a point of it in the comments.

Borderlands 2 manual [Steam, thanks Okeefe]


    Someone somewhere would have managed to download it. If anyone finds a link to it that would be great.

    Found this

    Yep, that's it Warlok. Update it Logan :)

    I uploaded the file here too. No need to save it, opens straight into PDF.

    The presence of voice credits for both a "Guilt Gun" & an "Annoying Gun/Cursed Gun" piques my interest. As does the presence of a character named Heller Moxxi...

    Cheers guys. Nice read!

    Woah... it's like a tutorial... but it's in a big book thing...

    Seems like a step backwards...

    Taken down?...well........that escalated quickly..........

    The official link is active again. Strange that Steam Store doesn't link to it, or at least I don't see that...

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