Borderlands 2's Villain Is Mighty Handsome. Game Looks Good, Too.

Meet "Handsome Jack," the evil mastermind you'll be taking on in the upcoming Borderlands 2.

See! His army of robots!

Hear! His swagger and confidence!

Know! That you're totally going to stuff it all down his pie-hole.

Pride goeth, and all that. See you soon, Handsome Jack.


    Gotta say, this trailer was boring compared to the last couple. Still, my enthusiasm is unwavering.

      agreed, but mind you, the wimoweh trailer was stellar.

    Yeah the original I picked up on a steam sale cause it was way cheap, I really enjoyed it, played through all the DLC and even farmed equipment, will get this one day one. I might even stop playing the firefall beta for a few days!

      Yay Firefall! Filling my need for something Borderlands-esque that isn't more Borderlands. That said, the original is still fun even after all this time. Looking forward to 2 so very much.

      I was playing Firefall until the wait for the milestone update got ridiculous.
      Then got Borderlands at a stupidly low price during the steam sale and haven't been back since.
      Needless to say, when Borderlands 2 came up for preorder on Steam I instapurchased it.

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