Brand New Metal Gear! It's..Um...a Social Game

Today at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event in Tokyo, Konami announced that a new Metal Gear was incoming, but it might not be coming to the platform of your choice.

Dubbed Metal Gear Solid Social Ops, the game is a social networking game bound for Japan's GREE platform. For those who don't know what GREE is, here's a primer.

The good news is that it was made with Unity — and offers graphics that offers graphics that almost look as good as Peace Walker. So it looks pretty great! The game will be out later this year and will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Metal Gear Solid Social Ops for GREE [@johntv]


    That name sucks so hard!

      I agree, they should have called it Metal Gear Solidville

    Metal Gear : Mobile Ops ?

    Social Ops.... lol
    So this time you get to play the cutscene parts while the action is automatic?

    Unity! = (if they are willing) easy ports!

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