Build The Dragonborn's Dream House And Raise A Family In Skyrim's Hearthfire

Coming September 4 to the Xbox 360, the latest downloadable content for Skyrim has players purchasing land, planning and building their dream house, moving in their spouse and adopting neighbourhood children. This is Hearthfire!

Hearthfire is a name that really could have gone either way. It's could have been an action-packed adventure in which the Dragonborn is tasked with tracking down a serial arsonist. It could have been about a dragon named Hearth.

Or it could be this. This is good too. I've always felt Skyrim could use a little more Fable. The house-building, family-raising content was teased in the Skyrim Game Jam video Bethesda showed back in February, but I never thought it would get its own DLC package.

Hearthfire will be out on the Xbox 360 on September 4 for 400 Microsoft points.


    No, Skyrim should be Skyrim not Fable!

    I am going to buy this and I will become Skyrim Batman.
    I will have a Mansion
    I will have a Butler
    I will adopt a child and teach him my ways

    It will be awesome.

      I will adopt a child after catching him stealing the wheels from my cart.
      I will train him in my ways
      He will get beaten to death with a crowbar by a chaos demon and almost instantly replaced with a repressed teenager who has better detective skills than I.

        will he then leave and you'll take on your non-adopted son as your protege, who already has maxed out combat skills?

          Meanwhile, his original adopted child will briefly BECOME him, but in a better game than he's ever featured in....

          The Elder Scrolls VI: The Black Mirror

    Awesome! So I can pay $25 to get the gameplay that I experienced from this mod months ago?

    Well I guess it *does* have wall mounted mud crabs...

      I think you mean $5, not $25. Also, can't play mods on a console.

        $5 would be viable, I was going off Dawnguard. Also I totally forgot about no mods for consoles, apologies. I stopped reading after seeing XBOX in the first line :P

    Does it support polygamy? Will it allow me to have a harem of many wives in my home, or perhaps a wife in every port/town/village?

    And, of course, the loaded question - where does it stand on same-sex marriage? :P

      There's a mod for multiple marriages

      As for same sex marriages, vanilla Skyrim has always allowed them.

    'skyrim' 'hearthfire' 'dragonborn', why does everything have to be two words mushed together?!

    this xbox exclusivity has got balls on it.

    I figured Hearthfire would be a story mod with this as a feature, but hey, I guess if it's house modding only then 400 MS points isn't too bad. I might as well get it seeing as how I haven't gone back and played Dawnguard yet.

    Skysims anyone?

      Blast, should have refreshed first. My apologies weresmurf!

    Can I build it anywhere I goddamn please? If so -- insta-buy.

    lame. there are a billionty versions of this on Nexus or Steam Workshop, for a lower price, and with better options (the Eyrie ones are my favourite).

      Its. For. Xbox.
      The only thing lame is your comment, learn to pay attention...

    Any word on a PC version for this?

      There are mods to already do what this inferior console port is offering.

        That comment sounds like this

        you just mad that you had to wait for dawnguard :P

        on a serious note if you gonna comment, say something intelligent not condescending unlike other fanboys who have lost touch with reality . then there may be less hate for people you

    Will this be on ps3?

    I can see potential for this among the pedobears that play Sky rim

    I can see potential for this among the pedobears that play Skyrim

    I can't wait to never, ever get to play this on my PS3...

    Im really kinda tired of all the ps3 owners complaining. Ok guys i have all three platforms, no i didnt bother with skyrim on the ps3 primarily because i knew that it was not being programmed intially for ps3. It started on a pc, was formated/coded to xbox and then ps3. This stuff happens, both consoles are using way different media formats. DVD to bluray communication not so easy when it comes to complex coding. Get over it..... That is Sony, has been Sony always will be a Sony problem. Look it took them ten years to get a decent online network to work and it still gets hacked. What did you expect?

    Also, i play more ps3 games than xbox. So its not even a better vs worse thing.

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