Can A 3DS Survive A Six-Foot Drop?

Nintendo has a reputation for - the odd dodgy hinge aside - building sturdy, reliable hardware. As you'd expect, given the battery of tests they put their handheld systems through.

But that's lab science. What about the real world? This series of tests, dropping a retail 3DS onto concrete from various heights, sets out to check on the system's sturdiness in more realistic conditions.

They were done by the same guys who made a PS Vita square off against a road, and this clip is no less entertaining.

Drop Test: 3DS XL [Gizmoslip]


    You really should change the title to FOUR feet. He never drops it from SIX. Big difference there...

      Maybe they used some "Kotaku Math" to work it out.
      4 + 4 + 4 = 6
      Wouldn't surprise me.

        The author was dropped at birth from a height of 6 feet. Therin lies the discrepancy.

    Something, something, joke about "dream drop distance."


    On the first drop i was expecting a giant slow motion click of the screen closing

    Is dropping it from 4 feet really going to result in "spectacular" destruction? Blowing it to pieces with plastic explosives? Maybe? Melting it with thermite? probably...

      Probley not but it shows you how sturdy the device is

        True. But the claim in the video was if it broke, the destruction would be "spectacular". Slight over exaggeration, don'tcha think?

          I think the point is if something broke during the test they would THEN run over it with a bus/shoot it with a deagle/nuke it from orbit.

      Dropping it from six feet may.... but we'll never know.... unlike the title suggests, the video contains no such event!

    That test was quite realistic. If you were playing the 3DS XL standing up, it would be roughly around the four feet mark unless you are over seven feet tall. Short people rejoice that your 3DS will survive dropping. BTW, this doesn't count extreme circumstance like playing over a cliff edge.

    Ugh another nerdy guy in a fedora. Please people, you don't look cool, you just look like you're desperately clutching for attention.

    Why does he keep poking the top screen like its a touch screen?

    The least you could do is watch the video and make the title of the article correct.
    I don't mean to be rude, but come on.

    I like how it closes upon impact, it's like Nintendo designed it so it has a defense mechanism.

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