Can You Handle All This Collectible Nerd Plastic?

The real question isn’t how many figures and toys are at the bi-annual Wonder Festival, but rather, can you process all the stunning plastic chaos? Well, can you?

Dubbed “Wonfes”, the Wonder Festival is a Japanese model figurine event that brings together professional model makers, figure companies, and collectors in a big event to celebrate the world of collectible sculptures and figurines.

The most recent Wonder Festival wrapped up this weekend. Here are some highlights from sister site Kotaku Japan as well as Japanese sites Gigazine and Moeyo. Many of the figs and sculptures command top dollar yen — and for good reason. Have a look.

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メタルギア, アルターブースにはテイルズシーリズ, シャアー!, この発想はなかった!, この明かりだけの世界で, 3機合体も再現!, 連邦のパイロット,

墨の表現が上手い! [Kotaku Japan]

完成度が非常に高いワンピース, 目玉おやじ, エクセリオンモード, 江頭2:50,

魔法少女たち, ウィーゴ WSC colour ver., フランドール・スカーレット, ドリフターズ, マクロス, エヴァンゲリオン2号機Q [Gigazine]

メガハウスブース特集, コトブキヤブース特集, 「ワンダーフェスティバル 2012[夏]」 [Moeyo]

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