ACT Is The First Territory To Pass R18+ Legislation

With R18+ Legislation successfully passed through Federal government, all that's left is for each state to put through its own separate legislation in order to prepare for the R18+ classification's January 2013 start date. Yesterday it was announced that ACT was the first territory to pass that legislation.

According to the ABC, the legislation passed with complete tri-partisan support.

"This is about making sure that adults are able to view and play and read what they wish as long as it does not do harm to others," said ACT's Attorney General Simon Corbell.

"An R18+ classification ensures that adults can access adult material in computer game form, but at the same time protecting children under the age of 18 from that material."

ACT was the first to set its own legislation in motion, actually moving forward before the Federal bill was amended, now its up to the rest of the states to follow suit.

But according Jane Fitzgerald, all state parliaments have agreed to the timetable — with some states "very advanced" in their own progress.

"All censorship ministers have agreed on the timetable," said Fitgerald, earlier this year, "so I’m operating on the assumption that they’ll all get the job done,” said Jane. “We know, from keeping in touch with our state and territory based colleagues that people are at various stages of advancement with getting the legislation drafted to be passed. All of the jurisdictions have sitting period in the second half of the year, so they can all potentially get it done."

What happens if they don't?

"I’m choosing for the moment, to operate on the basis that it’ll be done. So let’s cross that bridge when we hopefully don’t come to it!"


    The only states that might be a problem are Queensland and Victoria.

    Victoria because they made a fuss about things before the amendment, so they might have some variation that isn't quite the real deal (stickers!).

    Queensland because it's a new government. The Newman government is an unknown quantity on this one and their blatant pandering to the ACL is not a promising sign. That's not to say that it won't pass, just that we might see some restrictions on displaying R18+ games publicly.

    All guesswork. Just starting my morning coffee and more than happy to be wrong.

    The important thing is progress.

      Plain packaging for video games! :P

        I could do with the street cred of someone thinking I'm buying porn or something, when it's really just a video game.

    Wohoo go Canberra. Now Victoria please move on with the world and pass the R18+.

    Canberra is not a state.

      Yeah, just fixed it all. I'm not Australian, so I frequently make these silly mistakes. :)

        Technically, ACT isn't a state either, but close enough :P

          The ACT is best described as 'its own little universe'. And I say that as a happy resident of it!

            The frosty deep core of the universe where all powerful armchair generals sit and dictate the lives of millions from their strange spaceship palace O_o

            though the cold you guys experience on a regular basis tends to turn you a little wierd

            A-Men to that! Our little universe may be cold, but at least we can be proud of the people in charge :)

              You forget the Daffodils! =P

              Damn you and your Floriades!

      Well it sort of is... when you're there, you're in a complete state of boredom...

    Canberra... now a favourite state for porn, fireworks and R18+ video games.

      I don't think they do fireworks there any more.

        Yeah, they were banned a coupla years back. But we have politicians. They make up for no fireworks, right? RIGHT?

          only if you can blow them up.

            This I would like to see, I wonder does the fat that they're all covered in explode or does it melt ala Fight Club with the fat guy in the car wreck?

              politicians burn really well because they're so greasy

      Fireworks were banned in the ACT in 2009.

      However you do not need a license in the ACT to own a camel yet!

    Baby steps to catch up with the rest of the world. Come on Queensland - I want to play Walking Dead on PS3 already!!

      I don't believe we banned it. Those dumbasses just never submitted it for classification. It was GIVEN an MA on Steam, so it would've been given an MA on XBL and PSN dude.

        nah, telltale games didn't release it because aus didn't have an R18 classification at the time. hopefully with a new rating, they'll see that there's money to be made by re-classifying the game for the neglected console players over here.

    “All censorship ministers have agreed on the timetable,” said Fitgerald

    I want to meet this Fit Gerald character you speak of.

    I'm going to be chortling away at that all day, thanks Mark.

    I usually buy all my games online and overseas now, but when we finally do get R18 here I am going to buy the first (decent) 18+ classified game here locally just because I can.

    Then I'll probably go back to the cheaper alternative.

    I think the MA15+ will just get pushed to R18 and the ones that were supposed to be R18 will be RC again.

      While this is a step forward, id like to read the guidelines to see what content is classified as R18. Im sure this is available somewhere...

      Because id hate to think that over a decade worth of debate, surveys, elections and arguing thos all boils down to a new sticker.

        *this... :/

      This is a valid point. Infact, a number of poly's have even said that this doesn't mean that stuff which was previously RC would pass ni the future. Just means things that shouldn't have made it to ma15+ will be pushed into r18.

      Then your understanding of the classification system and the people involved in it is feeble at best.

      A lot of people put a lot of work into getting us to this point, ignoring this kind of dreary negativity the entire way.

      Today is a good day, celebrate it, and stop being a Debbie Downer all over the place.

        Unicron endorses the above comment.

          And Nige endorses Unicron's endorsement. I live in Canberra and we had ACT Attorney General, Simon Corbell on our radio show this morning, explaining how it all works, on both a state and federal level. Happy to send a copy to the naysayers! Have a good weekend, everyone!

            Would be a handy link to have, Nige. Mind dropping it here, or can you only send it directly?

            (Not a naysayer, just wouldn't mind hearing the interview.)

      If that means fewer 12 year olds are playing Call Of Duty, then so much the better.


        Imagine all the possibilities people! :D

    All states have already fucking agreed to pass legislation ready for implementation by 01/01/2013. It has been over a decade and it is coming into effect. Stop being so cynical for once and be happy, new governments are irrelevant because the plan has already been signed and agreed to. They are unable to back peddle due to the Federal legislation regarding the unanimous co-operation of all states and territories.

    Also, if some of you down right LAZY people use Google, you'll be able to see the difference between the current legislation and the future legislation. It is NOT a case of changing MA content to R18 content. At present impact of content can be no more than "strong" now it can be "high" which is in-line with movies. The ONLY stupid part of the legislation is that it specifically says if drug usage is directly related to incentives or rewards, it'll still be banned, a little line implemented by one of the states obsessed with an anti-drug policy.

    But when all is said and done, I import ALL of my games anyway. So I really don't give a fuck about this R rating bullshit any more, it's beneath me. But I just thought you ill-informed kids who are unable to use google should know a few facts before going into the usual cynical / sensationalist mood. I hate politicians but you people really need to look at the facts as they are before commenting.

    Thank you and good day fellow gamers.

    Good to see Aussie classifications growing up with R18+ for video games. Covered it in my latest show!

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