Cancelled Crytek Game Looked More Alan Wake Than Crysis

French artist Eric Cochonneau, formerly of Killzone developers Guerilla and Electronic Arts, has also worked at Crytek, where around 2008 he helped out on a game called Redemption which was ultimately never released. Or even seen publicly.

Until today.

NeoGAF user miladesn was digging around Cochonneau's portfolio when they discovered the artwork, intended for an Xbox 360/PS3 game that was being developed by Crytek's main German studio.

As you can see, it's no Crysis. The blue skies and green jungles of the company's trademark title (at the time) are nowhere to be seen. Instead, Redemption looks more like Alan Wake, with a moody rural setting and people who look like people, not soldiers/aliens/mutant corpses.

It's impossible to tell what the game would have been like with so little to go on, but at the very least it would have been a pleasant departure for the team, who instead went on to make Crysis 2, and are now working on...Crysis 3.

You can see more of Eric's great art at his personal site (via NeoGAF).

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab".

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    I'd hit it...

    So instead of doing something interesting like this... god damn it.


    So because it wasn't Crysis, it got canned? *sigh* It looks pretty awesome too. Oh well.

    shame they didn't persist with this, those visuals are pretty

    Y'know, some of this reminds me of that tech-demo video Crytek put out last year, not long before Crysis 3 was announced.

    They need to keep the whole Crysis formula to the crysis series, I can tell that this would have been just another game that looks and feels like a Crysis Mod.

    Looks amazing with all the lighting and enviroments but still cant itch that feeling that this woulda been a spin off from crysis or atleast a similar game.

    Crytek have the talented team to do a game like this.

    And seems like alot of developers are cancelling alot of games lately after most the big developers recieved there development kits for the PS4 and Xbox 720.

    And since they arent allowed to actually say if the Next gen consoles exist yet they just say its cancelled.

    Im starting to get some really high hopes for next gen consoles.
    So far alot of insiders have been saying that they have seen the graphical power of the Ps4 and xbox 720 all agree its a Massive move foward with the resolution set to be 4000p.

    Wouldnt be surprised if crytek were surprised by the next gen power while making Homefront 2 and decided to make this game for next gen consoles.

    A bit of background info on this and why it got canned:
    You play a former hitman who has to protect a small girl from being kidnapped. For this, you have interact with her to get past obstacles, and almost permanently hold her by the hands, because the moment she gets separated from you, she can get abducted by your pursuers.

    Why this got canned:
    A game featuring a 40 y.o. man running through a east european forest while holding hands with a 10 y.o. is, simply put, awkward.
    The gameplay was more not freewolrd, but more on-rails, with QTE and shooting gallery sequences.
    The overall thing did not please EA, so no publisher, no funding -> can.

    The team moved and worked on another game, that got first put on ice, then canned...

    @Matt Dive: guess where the assets from last year's tech demo partially came from...

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