Capcom's Current-Gen Sci-Fi Game Will Set The Stage For Next-Gen Sci-Fi Games

By now you must have seen this great footage for Remember Me, an awesome-looking open-world game that Capcom showed off this week at Gamescom.

Believe it or not, this great-looking game is for current-gen consoles: Capcom has it slated for May 2013 release on Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. This is unusual. We should be getting the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles by the end of 2013, and video game publishers don't often release brand new original pieces of intellectual property at the end of a console cycle. They see it as a bad business practice.

So why release the game for Xbox 360 and PS3? According to Capcom senior producer Mat Hart, the plan is to set Remember Me up for a long life on next-gen consoles.

"The thing is, if you leave it too late into next year, then you are starting to straddle that line where you're starting to move into the next generation consoles," Hart told Joystiq. "And what we wanna do is make sure we launch this on the current generation of consoles, to really sell it in, and establish it as a new IP. And then build the franchise out in line with the new consoles coming out."

So expect lots of Remember Me in the future. Unless nobody buys it. Then just pretend it doesn't exist.

Remember Me's plans extend to next-gen consoles, Capcom looking to build 'into a major franchise [Joystiq]


    This is happening because the next gen consoles should have launched this year, not next.

    The game's looking good, and the more I can use my PS3 before the inevitable upgrade, the better. I'm not particularly excited about next-gen yet - there's plenty still on the radar for current-gen to keep me invested in my existing hardware, and Remember Me next year just adds to it.

    I did not buy current gen because I still think it's poor. Next gen, the most powerful console between PS4 and XB720 will win my money..

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