Cast Your Vote In Mana Bar Melbourne's 'Rainbow Road Warrior' Caption Contest

Captions, where creative sub-editors flex their imaginations... or vent their frustrations. It's also the meat and potatoes of many skill-based competitions, such as this one from the Melbourne arm of gaming-centric drinking den Mana Bar. While the competition may have ended, the winner is yet to be decided, with three contenders pixel-punching it out on Facebook.

And here they are:

Mad Mario: Beyond Rainbow Road

Three lives. Two barrels. One moustache.

Walking home after the Mushroom Cup seemed like a good idea...

Personally, I reckon number two is the best, though that probably has something to do with the fact it was entered by my brother (a part-time writer over at Nightmare Mode).

In order to vote, all you have to do is "Like" the image with the caption you feel is the best. I believe there's a free game in it for the eventual winner — so certainly not high stakes — but I do believe a poster of sorts will be made of the one that proves most popular.

Mana Bar Melbourne [Facebook]


    FYI, the pics dont match the captions

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