Catwoman Looks More Modest In Batman: Arkham City For Wii U

Notice anything different about Catwoman in the image above? Sure seems like she's covering up for her debut on Nintendo's upcoming console, no?

In the armoured Edition of Batman: Arkham City for Wii U, The Dark Knight and Catwoman get a new power-up that covers the nocturnal adventurers in additional protection. Selina Kyle's armoured look covers up the cleavage that was so prominently on display in the game's original release.

Coincidence? Maybe. There's a gameplay reason but you can't help but wonder at the fact that Nintendo's famed family-friendly reputation might have nudged Rocksteadty and Warner Bros. to present a less sexy-looking Catwoman in the Wii U Armored Edition. You can get a gander at Batman's armoured look in the box art below.


    More Revealed != More Sexy.

      haha i agree, but really the wii u is not going to be as beast as people say it is.

    I like it. The Arkham City Catwoman was always a bit too overtly sexualised for my tastes.

    I wouldn't say it's a censorship thing. If she's meant to be wearing armor, it makes sense that her chest wouldn't be hanging out.

      agreed. seems to me like the author is drawing the long bow here

        She was always just asking for a knife in the chesticles. Ark khan Asylum had an armoured Batman, if you were going to add armour to Catewoman then I think the cleavage would be the place to start. I'm assuming these will just be optional alternate costumes anyway.

    Catwoman's clevage in Arkham City really took me out of the game. It diddnt make sence from a practicle perspective as to why her costume was zipped halfway down her chest and it diddnt seem true to the character. All I could think about when ever I saw her was the designer sitting at his computer with a booner and an adolescent attitude to sexuality thinking that this would apeal to horny fourteen year old boys. The designers did not really understant the or take into consideration character and her motivations or that beeing sexy dosent mean that you have to flash boob all the time.

    The cynic in me says first new payable DLC pack will have it.

    Have you played MGS4? It has a 50-something year old Eve with more cleavage showing that Catwoman haha

      *than... (damn, no edit button)

        What scary is that Eve was actually more like 80-something in MGS4!!! :D

    Though isn't the game rated M locally, making the idea for censorship to make it family friendly seem pointless?
    I think it's more of a practical sense, seeing how many other games a lot of designers think 'less is more' when it comes to females and armor.

    I thought Catwoman had a cool design. And it was modest compared to Batman 2, so yeah, I wasn't bothered at all.

    I'm not one that would usually complain about gratuitous cleavage, but I actually like the armoured cat woman better. It feels much more in line with the character and game world.

    What's it matter? Most superheros are basically nude bodies without the nipples and genetalia, if you haven't noticed.

    I much prefer Catwoman to have her suit zipped up and at least somewhat functional... The mega-cleavage versions turn me off to no end. (Looking at you MK vs. DC...)

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