Celebrate 25 Years Of Street Fighter

We've already shown you a sneak peek at the awesome art being created to celebrate the quarter-century birthday of Capcom's legendary fighting game series. And you can drool over a few more pieces in the gallery above. If you go to the Combo Attack Art Show at the IAm8-Bit gallery space, you'll see all of those and more. But the real reason to go is so that you can re-enact one of the most infamously cheesy/awesome moments of early Street Fighter games

The event organisers will have a giant automotive piñata that attendees will be encouraged to destroy, much like the World Warriors of the Street Fighter franchise did Street Fighter II's bonus stages. So, go for the art and stay for the punching.


    Street Fighter celebrating 25 years and I'm pleased to hear that Joey Ansah and Capcom are joining forces to adapt the live action adaptation of Street Fighter which it will start producetion next year.

      Stars include Kylie minogue, jean Claude van dam and some other guys that no one knows, however magneto will play m.bison, cause he died.

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