Challenge Your Friends To Kill With Hitman's Contracts Mode

Unveiled this week at Gamescom in Germany, Hitman: Absolution's Contracts Mode gives players the power to create their own kill scenarios, challenging the world to be the best murder-for-hire technician they can be.

It's Play-Create-Kill! Contracts Mode adds user-generated content to the Hitman franchise, ensuring that players will have plenty to do long after the last fetish nun has stopped breathing.



    I never received that Sniper Challenge code maybe I should go complain or maybe I don't care enough but yeah definately looking forward to Absolution hopefully its not to physically correct because the best parts of Blood Money was the flaws like instant drowning, guards going after thrown coins or picking up explosives/firearms after noticing you or shooting you to death for doing something as simple as picking up a tape.

    This looks like a great feature that'll really add to the replayability. In previous games I used to just set myself challenges like this, it'll be nice to have others define the parameters.

    Honestly, I was hoping it would be more dynamic than this. The reason I say that is before long, you're going to get contracts that are out for the same NPC in any given level. Probably ones that are right out in the open. surrounded by people.

    I wanted something in the way of LBP or Farcry 2/3 where you are literally placing the elements or in this case, targets, anywhere you want on the stages given to you. You can populate the stage anyway you like. So put the target behind a door you can have locked up, then put two bodyguards outside the door to guard the target. Literally creating small little objectives for the player to complete rather than asking them to kill some pre-established NPC in the stage.

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