Check Out The First-Edition Covers Of Some Of The Greatest Novels Of All Time

Hey, it's another book-themed off-topic! This time around we've got something particularly musty, and particularly cool. Flavorwire has assembled images of the first-edition covers of 25 of the most famous classic books of all time.

Man, look at Lord of the Rings! And Brave New World! I feel like I'm not alone in that when I look at these images, I can practically smell 'em.

How many of these have you read? Do you find, like I do, that between games, TV, movies, comics and novels, that there are just too many different kinds of things to take in? How do you balance it all?

Feel free to discuss that (sorry those were some kinda stressful prompts!) or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting. I'll be over here reading…. ths crafting guide for Guild Wars 2.

The First Edition Covers of 25 Classic Books [Flavorwire via The Onion A.V. Club]


    I inherited some of these from my Grandfather an avid book collector but sold most of his collection of first prints after I had them valued at over $25000 and got an insurance quote.

      First editions of popular books tend to be worth crazy money. Last time I checked, a first edition of Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone was worth 16000 pounds and a first edition of Frankenstein was worth about 30,000 pounds.

    Never read a single one of those books. Reading, for me, is an on and off thing. Sometimes I like the idea of reading, and get into it, but it usually tapers out after finishing off a series.
    Balancing hobbies though. Books I would usually read in bed before sleeping. Alternatively, I read on public transport.
    I've had friends tell me how they sometimes just sit and read a book in a day (usually weekend), and that just surprises me as I couldn't imagine myself being able to do it.

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