China, You Are Allowed To Make TV Shows Based On Video Games.

Earlier this month, we reported that the Chinese State Administration for Film, Radio and Television (SARFT) came out with six guidelines that could affect the future of Chinese television. Those six guidelines included a ban on the creation of TV dramas based on online video games. Now it appears that SARFT has come out and said the guidelines were false and that TV shows can be based on online games among other things. Oh.

Previously Beijing Evening News and various other Chinese media outlets revealed that SARFT, the administration that monitors film, radio and television in China, had released six guidelines with the potential to make Chinese television worse. The release of this information had led to an outcry by the Chinese public and the screen writers of China.

Now in a odd reversal of events, SARFT's own deputy director Wang Weiping has come out and said that the released guidelines were "false". Wang went so far as to say that it was impossible for the State administration to have even come out with the guidelines. What makes Wang's statement more confusing is that the point of SARFT is to regulate the TV, Radio, and Film industries in China.

The guidelines in question are listed in the previous Kotaku post on the subject.

So far there has been much clamor online in China about the media screwing up the coverage. In fact, people are still unhappy with SARFT mostly because of the 20 foreign film limit.

Right now the only thing that can be done is to wait and see whether or not there will be any changes to Chinese television. If there are going to be any government regulations to the country's TV, there needs to be one to make it less sucky.

游戏可以改编电视剧!广电总局限令子虚乌有 [Tencent]

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    How dare you insult Chinese TV... they've worked out the one way to make terrible soaps watchable. At the point where someone on Neighbours would start getting bitchy and manipulative, the Chinese soaps bust out the martial arts and beat the wrongdoer into the ground.

    So good :-D

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