Choose Your Resident Evil 6 Skills Wisely

Choose Your Resident Evil 6 Skills Wisely

Resident Evil 6 will be out in less than two months, and the developers at Capcom apparently want to make sure you have all the information you need to jump right into the game short of actually handing out copies of the manual. This time, new information on in-game Skills and Skill Sets has been revealed. Let’s have a look.

Much like in Resident Evil 5 where between chapters, you could purchase ammo, items, and weapon upgrades, in Resident Evil 6, Skills can be purchased. Skills vary from weapon attack bonuses to defence bonuses to increased ammo. Some Skills can also be leveled up for increased effectiveness. Skills can be purchased with Skill Points that are obtained by killing enemies and finding items.

Players can equip up to three Skills at a time in Skill Sets. At the start of the game, you can only have one Skill Set, but by clearing any one of the scenarios, you gain eight Skill Sets. Players can switch between Skill Sets at any time in the game (Note: The game does not pause when switching between Skill Sets, so do it when in cover) to give a more tactical edge depending on the situation. A damage and defence based Skill Set for boss fights, a ammo and accuracy based Skill Set for normal play, partner bonus based Skill Set for co-op play etc.

Speaking of co-op play, Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 6 will support off-line split-screen co-op play as well as on-line co-op play (that’s a lot of hyphens).

Resident Evil 6 is scheduled for release on October 2.

「バイオハザード6」,スキルシステムの詳細が明らかに。画面を分割してのCo-opモードも搭載 []










  • I haven’t been following RE6 even though I’m a fan of the series so this is the first I’ve heard of this skill system, and I have to say it sounds really bad. It seems like they’ve taken several steps back since RE4 in terms of inventory/upgrade mechanics and I’m not sure why.

  • i agree. its pitiful too see the steps capcom has taken, and how misleading theyve been about the game the entire time. They even said once that the screen would be fully used for splitscreen, and you could adjust the sizes and stuck to that story until now. Seems theyre bending the truth too much to be interested in the game. the problem isnt with the series, its with the company.

  • RIP Resident Evil. This sounds terrible. Everything I read about this game seems like a mish mash of ideas from bunch of 3rd Person shooters. Just bizarre choices. This may be the worst (canon sequel) Resi game yet.

    • +1

      I understand that some people don’t want to see change but it’s not always a bad thing. I think the skill sets sound awesome!

  • I’m looking forward to it. I’m not really sure why so many people are upset about a game that they haven’t played yet.

    The changes they made between RE: Code Veronica and RE4 turned the franchise from a stale and languishing series of games into a tense, exciting experience again. Sure, RE5 was a relative disappointment, but it was not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, and RE4 is easily one of the best game s of the last generation. Change is not always for the worse.

    • My RE play history mainly went RE1, RE2, RE5. I really didn’t get RE5 at all but after a while completely fell in love with it.

      Recently I finally went back and played RE4 and it’s blown my mind. I can’t believe what a great job they did with it back then. It also made me realise what RE5 is – as far as I’m concerned it’s the same game as RE4 (even many of the set pieces being clear homages) but prettier and arcadier.

      I say bring on RE6!

  • I don’t see the problem with this, and I think the people who do are the people who can’t handle change and can’t accept that Resi is no longer a horror series.

  • Well, at least they’re not trying to pass it off as a survival horror game. I actually enjoyed 5, so I want to get excited for 6. But this is Capcom, and they have made some very questionable decisions regarding DLC and re-releases these past 3 years. So no sale for me. This game will be one I pick up in the bargain bin after a year.

  • A lot of haters if don’t like it then don’t read or comment I’m sure it will be good at least there doing something and doing new things with the characters looks good to me enjoyed all re titles so don’t hate till you actually play it

  • *Game Developer releases MAIN LABEL GAME 7. It features almost exactly the same gameplay and mechanics, sometimes even story arch.*

    Gaming Community: YAWN! Geez, so original Game Developer. God, what do they take us for? Slack-jawed idiots? Do tehy honestly think it’s acceptable to just serve us up the same old tired crap, year-in year-out despite massive sales success? Game Developer is pathetic and is dead to me. *Buys game anyway.*

    *Game Developer releases MAIN GAME LABEL 8. Includes radical new attempts at features, gameplay changes, new characters and acts as an overall reboot to the series.*

    Gaming Community: URGH! Well, there goes the entire series. Way to shit all over your franchise and loyal fanbase Game Developer. Seriously, despite not having actually had any experience with these features we can say with complete authority that these ideas are fucking awful and will spell the end for Game Developer. I’m disgusted with the new direction the series is taking after seven prior replicant installments! *Buys game anyway (perhaps after half-arsed boycotting campaign)*

    A little harsh perhaps, but sorry guys, the gaming community really shits me lately. Essays have been written before about this, but common, we need to stop beating game developers over the head about anything they do to try to please us or shake things up.

    It’s been like this for a while I know, but when exactly did it become cool to be so belligerantly critical and arrogantly jaded about the medium we used to love?

  • I understand the hate hate and scepticism in that’s being associated with this game, I am also slightly worried about the skill sets and two characters but I am still excited for this game. I am a long time Resident Evil fan so it probably will be harder to scare me but if they do and still have a great Resident Evil story I should be happy. (I’m pretty pissed about having a partner 24/7 and the inventory system looks annoying)

  • Utterly ridiculous. What a way of basically taking Final Fantasy 7 and warping in into RE6 – like that was even a good game to start with? What a GREAT way of complicating a game that is based on SURVIVAL and SHOOTING. So now not only can you not pause the game to switch skills – but if you’re at a boss fight and you on the wrong skills set – you basically lose points by dying TRYING TO CHANGE SKILL SETS!

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