Clementine Holding A Gun Spells More Trouble For The Walking Dead

The third episode of Telltale's episodic The Walking Dead series continues as of today on PSN. Starved for Help, the third entry of the five-part season, will assuredly lead us all spiralling down to a gulf of bad decisions and unhappy situations. And I bet I will continue to disappoint sweet little Clementine, no matter how hard I try not to.

To follow the release today on PSN, preview the episode below with these new screenshots, and the freaky one from yesterday.


    Is it on steam yet?

      No, how the hell is it on PSN before PC?

      In the USA its out on PSN today then Xbox and Steam tomorrow. So...... I hope that we get it on Steam tomorrow...
      I might also note that The Walking Dead is 40% off on steam until Thursday at 4pm Pacific time, for those who don't already own it.

    Starved for Help was Episode 2. This new episode is called Long Road Ahead.

    Awesome :D This game series is brilliant so far :D

    This game is awesome but not sure why they're giving it to PSN first :S

    I thought you couldn't get this on PSN in Australia?

      Well this is a repost of a US article. As far as I know it was never released on PSN or Xbox Live for Australia (which is why I have it on steam), but there are plenty of people who have US and Japan PSN accounts solely for the purpose of buying games not released here.

    Seriously, Each episode that comes out looks astoundingly more beautiful than the last.

    If Clem has learned anything from me, its to shoot the bad guys without mercy!

    And it was JUST NOW I realised I had an American PS3 account with around $20 left in the wallet. Now I'll get to enjoy the game at last :D

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