Command & Conquer Generals 2 Is Launching Without A Singleplayer Campaign

Just in case the words "Command & Conquer" and "free-to-play" hadn't got you wary enough for the upcoming C&C Generals 2, there's now this: the game is releasing without a singleplayer story mode.

While acknowledging that one could come later, Bioware Victory general manager John Van Caneghem told PC Gamer that his team "really want to get back to the roots of what made Command & Conquer great."

In his eyes, that means being able to "build a zillion units" and "go out and kill all the bad guys". Which is a shame. Because in my eyes - and I'm sure plenty of other people's as well - the roots of what made C&C great was a hammy story and even hammier cutscenes.

C&C: Generals 2 to have e-sports features, no single player campaign on launch [PC Gamer]


    I thought we knew this, and I cried when I found out.

    Well not really, but it was depressing.

    Second that. My memories mostly revolve around the cutscenes I still love to watch today (and still quote with friends). Ah, such classics as "I don't give a hoodinickle about your legacy!" and Tanya, oh Tanya...

    That and tank rushing in multiplayer...

      "You betcha"
      "Sweet mother........Its time to hit back."

      "Hoodinickle"?! I think you mean "wooden nickle"!! Lol, that's brilliant!

    Are they on drugs? CnC was all about the single player.

    Bio ware is falling apart.

      Only because they keep attaching stuff to it with really cheap glue. The original object is still mostly sound, just with some minor stains where stuff has fallen off.

      This isn't Bioware.

      It's an RTS company they moved under the Bioware label. It has nothing to do with the original company or any of its employees.

        This, there are so many misconceptions between developers, publishers and distributers in the industry it's not funny.




    Waaaaaaaait a second. Is this the same 'Command and Conquer' that Origin was telling me about? Because I saw no mention of Generals 2 ANYWHERE.

      It's been renamed, 'Command and Conquer' is the umbrella name for the game and all its tie-ins, instead of being an individual thing. As far as I know they dropped the Generals 2 part.

    It's all been downhill since Red Alert 2 imo.

      It's about time someone came out and said it, kudos to you sir!

      Oddly enough I enjoyed RA2. It was amusingly quirky enough to entertain me..

      Personally CnC4 was pretty much the one that crapped on everything IMHO. Been a nice slide down hill since then.

    Doesn't phase me at all, multi player was way more fun than the campaign.

    Why not, they stuffed C&C4 trying to make it some crappy E-sport so why not ruin generals also =(

    Surprise that EA and Bioware destroy another series, nil.

    R.I.P Westwood
    I totally agree Yuri, Tanya, Brotherhood of NOD, oh and when you first see a flame tank cutscenes were excellent so were the missions.
    EA know nothing about as much about Westwood's RTS games the past few releases have shown that

    I will pretend this game does not exist in order to sleep at night without crying.

    *puts hand on chest* I just need a moment here... *sniff*

    a lot of core players have already dismissed this..... EA is hooked on making it an E-sport like starcraft

    It was fun playing c&c in multiplayer but it is not and will never be the core of command and conquer.

    This is truly the death of c&c.

      Actually the chances of this being an E-Sport are significantly lower now that it's F2P.

      It'll probably have a ranking system/ladder and some EA-funded publicity events but nothing like the respectable leagues of Starcraft II.

    I no longer want this game...

    I was addicted to the first one for so long (And still am) but this just looks bad now.

    And I am not surprised in the slightest.

    Maybe their plan is to sell it to us along with the second tier of technology. See, they call it 'free to play' but it's not. I'd call it 'Pay to win' but in reality they have made it 'Download now, pay later to play.'

    Or even, 'Sell your soul to play.'

      I'm imagining something like Age Of Empires online where you pay for better units and upgrades... or just get defeated.

    Do this is what there 3rd attempt at creating some sort of multiplayer CnC

    RA3 forced a co op system in the hopes that by needing a partner to play stuff well you would be more likely to go online since you were half way there

    CnC4 forced an always online + leveling system while basically destroying the core CnC franchise in the process

    And now they plan to taint the last untainted series of CnC with both F2P and no campaign how pathetic

    But the main appeal of the first CnC game was the story, with it's live action cut-scenes and side missions.

    Can't they leave this whole 'futuristic' theme to Star Craft.. just another butchered franchise really.

    I think so few people will play this they may as well make a 'super cricket' unit to really emphasis the lack of players by chirping incessantly... perhaps also a super powered tumbleweed as well to roll across the empty battlefields.
    Also a suggestion, that they change Tiberium to dollar bills, and rename the harvester to 'EA' ...

    I'm sitting here trying to think of a single reason that would make me want to try it. But I can't thik of a single one. It's C&C without actually being C&C.

    CnC 4 tried this and it failed .... why try it again ...

    The thing is though that Single Player is a what helped make The Command & Conquer Series good, and i feel really bad seeing how its been driven into the ground, its being made by the same people who made C&C4 , just under a different name. Generals 2 was something i was looking forward to, a return to old fashioned command & Conquer and now im just deeply saddened by what i see. What they are trying to do is justify an incomplete game by making it Free To Play.

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