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[Raises hands to the sky]

So Bish, the Iron Chef — the cooker of cakes, the Bisher of Bishes — is off to Canada and he didn't even let us say goodbye! [Sob]

Why Bish, why? Were we not good to you. Did we not enjoy your cake enough? Did you get tired of driving everyone to and from various different train stations? What did we do wrong? BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSH!

No, seriously. Our very own Bish has made the move from Australia to Canada to Australia, and I would personally like to wish him the best of luck. Godspeed old buddy. You should go and visit Elly!

A lot of noms for Bish, but he won last week, because I sort of worked out he was leaving and thought it would be a nice goodbye present.

Greenius was first off the Mark, wishing Bish good luck. "He'll be missed," he said. I concur.

Strange said... "I can't believe Bishy was so sneaky about leaving the country! He should have told us earlier so we could give him ALL the Kudos!"

The Blaghman said this...

I was going to send Bish a nom, but then he won last week, and then he left the country. What a jerk. Paying for me to go to Sydney to Pyrean and Gorzy's meat. Erggh.

That was funny.

Now here's some Marvin. Because I can.

The first nom I received was super confusing. Because the nom was from Cakesmith. But it was sent from Alexpants iPhone. What the hell man!

(It was for buying Cakesmith and Alexpants a drink on Friday night, and you're welcome!)

Alexpants himself sent some Kudos later...

Great seeing you again last weekend, man! On that note, first nom goes to you for shouting me a drink there. What a legend that Serrels guy is! Now you might want to end kudos there and declare yourself the winner, but more noms: Bish again, man he's a real champ, driving me to the big meat last weekend. I miss him already. Gorzy and Pyrean of course for putting up with everybody. Steveo, he's all kinds of crazy, taught me how to do the best high fives ever. Doc had his birthday on Tuesday! Last nom to my best bro Shiggy because who doesn't love Shiggy? As always, have a great weekend!

I bolded the Shiggy sentence because... shenanigans!

Let me explain...

I'd like to maybe vote for AlexAndHisPants. He maybe a cool guy but only if he maybe voted for me.

Is this some sort of nomming racket? What's going on here?

I love this email from Strange. She wrote it in a green font. I C WAT U DID THERE.

This week I'm nominating Greenius. Because the colour green is the best colour. Oh yeah, and because Greenius is always happy to help people and send an encouraging word or three if someone's a bit down.

Also, I heard that Pyrean and Gorzilla's house warming was quite the soiree. Blaghman nommed the pair for their party hosting skills.

I'll actually send out a nom to Pyrean and Gorzilla for hosting a meat, mostly because they had to put with Steve-O as they did it.

And then I got this...



I think that speaks for itself!

And finally, Splicer dropped a nom for the awesome DC. It was for a post that I totally can't find, so if anyone knows of an awesome DC post (I'm sure there are many) feel free to drop it below.

Okay, so a winner. Man it's tough this week — a very sporadic spread of noms. I may have to make an executive decision here...

Alright — congrats to Pyrean and Gorzilla for hosting a meat, and not minding too much when people break their furniture!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

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    Congratulations guys.

    Sounds like you had a fun meat.

    Kudos indeed, guys. And what an epic write-up it was, Gorzy.
    Here's the link for those who missed His Gorziness' Tale of Meatiness:

    Canada? But... but... What about this Streetpass this weekend? Didn't think of that when you went galavanting off, did you Bish?

    Mmmmmmm...mystery posts....gratz on the kudos :)

      Thanks for the nom, man. Unexpected and heart warming. :P

    *shakes fist at CMS*

    *yells at cloud*

    You missed my noms!

      Sorry man, I have system where I delete posts while I write them, so I don't get lost in a sea of noms. I finished the post and was doing tags when the cms swallowed the post. I recovered half and had to try and find the other noms again. Long story short, sorry dude - tech difficultiesade it tough :(

        I got a pain in my chest.

        Like something is broken.


        Nah, all good. I'll carry them over to next week!

    Grats guys! Wish I could've been there, from the write up and videos it looked like a whole lot of fun!

    *gasp* Strange noms CHANGE LIVES!

      I've never nommed any one before, but I WAS going to nom you this week for the exact reasons as Strange. You're an awesome guy! A true asset to Kotaku, man! Thanks for the kind words you've sent my way this week.(Was going to nom Aleph-Null too for his awesome NT stories and good nature!)

        Aww man you're too kind :').

        You gotta start nomming and then attend meats! I feel like giving noms is just as satisfying as receiving them. I luv dis comunity!

          Had an e-mail composed and every thing. Just couldn't hit send. Mark's a scary guy. :P

          Next Brisbane meat, I'm there!

    hahah awesome read as always :) But please tell me "I love Bros" is not Bros the band? :0

    Pyrean and Gorzilla, truly the king of kings!

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