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Another week, another Kudos, another round of this great community doing great things for each other. Nothing new I guess. It's par for the course when you work for the greatest group of human being the internet has ever seen. Welcome to Community Kudos.

First I'd like to give my own noms, which don't really count, but have to said regardless. First I'd like to say thanks to Doc What for inviting me to his birthday party. I had an absolutely blast. I'd like to thank the Doc's sister for having me at her house, and I'd like to thank his Mum and Dad for all the grub and stuff, which was brilliant.

Also — true story — Doc's Dad looks about 20 years younger than he actually is. He also looks like he could kick my arse. With ease.

And finally, I'd like to thank Doc What for his delicious Chicken Tikka sauce thing that has a ridiculous amount of things in it.

A lot noms were about the good Doc's birthday bash, and rightly so, because it ended in a massive nerf gun war in the woods. For real.

NovaCascade was one of the first out of the blocks...

I want to give major kudos to Doc What for organising and hosting, and also to his sister for allowing us to use her house. Kudos noms to AlexPants as well for his awesome write up of our zombie nerf gun war (How's your ear? :P)

That 'ear' comment refers to the fact that Nova actually shot me in the ear with the most ridiculous nerf shot ever. I still can't believe it hit me.

This is a pic of two men holding sticks with actual real skulls on them.

Also — you might want to read AlexPants' top notch write-up of the whole nerf war situation. Good times.

And speaking of Alexpants, he dropped some Doc What gathering related noms.

Pez, Shiggy, Shiggy's girlfriend Patience, Doc, and Nova (Novahkin, Driverborn!) For housing me for a night, or providing me with delicious food, or driving me around, it was all really appreciated. And everyone who played in our nerf wars because they were a lot of fun!

Doc couldn't record the Nerf Wars (he was too busy being hunted by me) but he did manage to record a heap of other stuff from his Birthday.

Why has it taken D.C. so long to nominate? I don't know but, finally, today is the day!

First time nominating, but you've got to start some where, right? I nominate Greenius for being a loyal follower of the hermit code, it's not often our order meets but when we do it's great to share notes. (In reality he's damn good guy, Strange put it eloquently as always last week. He's got your back when you're down and always has something interesting to say. Class act all round.) I also nominate masha2932. He might fly under the radar at times, but he's always a calm, good natured and likable presence on TAY. Lastly, Aleph-Null. The man's post apocalyptic NT stories goes unrivaled as does his always entertaining video tours!

Thanks D.C. — a solid set of noms all round. I would also like to mention that Masha is a top notch fellow. I totally left my iPhone and Sweater in the woods during the Nerf wars, but Masha remembered to pick them up on his way back. Thanks man!

And that leads me another neat segue. A nom for D.C. — according Greenius, he's a pretty swell guy! Greenius also nominated Beavwa for gifting him Iron Brigade.

Tigerion wanted to nom both DistilledBlade and plmko for an exchange that sort of teetered on the edge, but managed to remain totally civil, before becoming a little bit awesome. Check it out here!

Tigerion (or Tigs, as he referred to himself in the email) also nominated Cam for his mad commenting skills.

Oh wait, I didn't see this. Lamboman made a video game? I didn't see this! And the only reason I found out was through a Kudos nom email from Lambo himself!

I want to nom Masha, Greenius, Blaghsy and Beavwa for giving me feedback on the game I made last week for a comp. You should try it out./shameless plug :P

A nom for Trjn for complisulting me on my punching ability, and a nom for Rocketman too for trying to cheer me up the other week when I was feeling rather down.

Ahaha! A 'complisult'. I shall steal that phrase for later usage.

Shiggy, dear old Shiggy. I'll give the devil his dues. His nom emails continually make me chuckle.

My kudos vote goes to all the sexy ladies and gents out there, because I got a lot of love to give out. ALL THE TIME.

We also got a nom from Scree, and it is a nice story!

You may not be aware but the Kotaku community helped me so much with my cosplay for manifest this year.
First they helped me decide on who I should cosplay as. We eventually all decided on Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite. (There was a poll and everything =D)
Then Blaghman helped me out by getting me high resolution screen caps of Elizabeth so I could make the costume as accurately as possible.
Strange helped me figure out how to create the corset, something I have never done before and so was incredibly daunting for me. I kept putting it off, but I did it!
F4ction helped by harassing his mother on my behalf. I appreciated it a lot.
Rocketman and Nob helped keep my confidence up when I was ready to just give up.
Many, many other people also helped and if I haven't listed you, I'm sorry. I'm very grateful to the community as a whole.
Even though Manifest has been and gone, I may go back and fix up a few of the things I'm not happy with.
The best thing they all did was stop me from giving up!

Sorry about the long post Mark, and I know you would be curious as to how it turned out, so I will attach a photo.

And finally, here is Scree in full cosplay as Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite!

Looks amazing!

AND FINALLY... super late 'nerms' from the handsome 'Hermerz+Therth'...

Stronge. Blerghmern. Rerkertmern.


Choosing a winner is difficult this week. But it seems as though a lot of people have been mentioning Blaghman — so congrats to Blerghmern!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

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    Awww damn it! Mine didn't make it in time. I guess my DM wasn't super mega important enough to read. :(

    Well, I did nom Rocketman! Why? Cos he's super mega awesome. (He knows why) Nuff said.


        hahaha damn. I knew I was cuttin it fine, but my clock said there was like 5 mins left. Oh wells! He knows now!

    Mark, You've accidentally written fould instead of foul in the tags.
    Thought you may like to know

    Oh man, that's harder than I thought it was going to be. I still feel I may have misspelled it.

    Congrats Blaghs!, and congrats errybody! Have a supercool weekend times!

    Nicely played, Blaghman! A worthy winner if ever there was one.

    Thanks for the nom too, Greenius. Means more than you know!

    Also it's good to see Hermes and Thoth around these parts. Seems like it's been a while? (Unless I haven't been paying attention.)

    Your Elizabeth looks awesome too, Scree. Congrats!

      *hug* hermit bros 4 lyf

        Hermit code totally doesn't approve of hugging. Might wanna read up on that. :P


    Oh god Shiggy that video looked painful, my arm hairs cringed. Was that a latex case they were making of your arm?

      Yeah they were! And hurt.

        Yeah didn't look pleasant what so ever. Why was a latex cast taken of your arm? haha


    That's the first time I've seen Scree's cosplay. I know she's been talking about it for ages and wow, really pulled it off. GO SCREE!

    Cerngrerts Blerghmern!
    Mark! Didn't you get the tweet that I directed towards you about the time lapse vid of the making of my game? /o\

    Kicking the Pepsi Max devil is inspirational, Mark. I've got eight empty cans sitting in front of me now and a mouth full of remorseful teeth. You go cold turkey or replace it with something else?

    This is the first time I've seen a photo of myself on the internet outside of Facebook/Twitter. What an unexpectedly odd feeling!

    Oh, uh, congrats Blergmerng! :D

    Congratulations Blaghman, you're awesome and have fun in Sydney this weekend :-)

    Also congratulations to the Kotaku community. It may seem like we are patting our selves on the back with this post every week, but the community deserves it. They are a kind and friendly bunch of people. So if you just visit Kotaku casually or if you just come here for the news, take some time to comment on the Talk Amongst Yourself post updated weekly and join in some friendly discussions about gaming and life in general. You're guaranteed to meet awesome people and no trolls as well.

    Finally, thank you to D.C, Mark and Lambo for the nominations. I appreciate them a lot.

    Hooray, Blaghs is staying under my roof. That means I win by proxy! Contrats Blaghs!

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