Compare Skyrim's Sucky Graphics With Its Awesome Graphics

Stuck playing on a crummy system and want to see how the Übermensch play Skyrim? Or, conversely, do you own a killer rig and want to see how the peasants make do?

There's a site for that. Nvidia have made this handy interactive slider, which lets you quickly and, in some cases, dramatically see the difference between playing Skyrim on low and high settings.

In case you can't see them (low is on the left), check out the barn. And the textures. And, perhaps most importantly, the number of trees.

Skyrim Tweak Guide Comparison [Nvidia, thanks everyone!]


    They need to do one of these that includes community graphical mods. This still looks pretty bad compared to how it looks with texture mods etc.

      Even just with the default hd texture pack that comes with skyrim would be nice to compare to.

        46 graphical mods currently installed, but still needs moar pretty. haha

    Been needing this - Skyrim was the first game I played with my new graphics card. Going to see how 'killer my rig' is.

      Be aware that Skyrim is cpu bound, a good tip is to change shadows from ultra to high.If you have a quad i7 or sandy/ivy bridge your set but amd or core 2 quads will slow down even a gtx 690 on Skyrim.

        I'm running it with 18HD mods, the HD texture pack with everything on max on my core2quad and it runs great! Maybe you mean core2duo?

    Whaaaaat I play Skyrim on a single 250GTS at max settings and it's fine.

      CPU not GPU read before you saqy anything.

        Gpu still maters. A lot.

          CPU matters a lot more, especially for Skyrim, considering that shadows are done with CPU and not GPU for some retarded reason.

        Heh, okay then smartguy. I read the WHOOOLE Kotaku page, all it mentioned was Nvidia. See as they're a GPU manufacturer, I don't expect them to be giving us a broad example of what a tops CPU can do for you. The GPU is still going to be a big frickin deal. I didn't cheap out on the CPU, but it's nothing stellar by anyone's standards.

    I can play games fine on high. I just usually prefer to play them on low.


        Feels more Nostalgic.

          Says the man with the best avatar I've seen all day. *hi-5*

    First thing I mod when playing this game is removing the compass and floating quest markers. It makes the game vastly more immersive.

    Don't know if its a compliment that everything looks so good on low settings or if everything looks so bland on high???????

    I honestly couldn't really tell the difference much. I mean honestly, playing on a low end spec for this game doesn't seem so bad.

    Wasn't this done to death back when Skyrim came out?

    Seriously Luke, just try for once, we promise we'll play nice

      Don't do it, Charlie Brown! She'll pull the ball away at the last second again!

    Skyrim doesnt take much to run.. its not exactly the prettiest game. If u cant run it well... I feel for you.

    I play on Max settings with that man gfx mods its not funny I'm happy

    *sigh* I think my PC would melt down on "low"

    Well, I can agree Skyrim Graphics are a bit low-res on Ultra you can only expect that much from 20k. I've seen mods bumping that up-to 40k honestly i wish that it had graphics like Crysis 2 that was decent texturing compared to Skyrim.

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