Crysis 3 Will Make Me Upgrade My PC, If This Beautiful Trailer Is Anything To Go On

This clip, which is masquerading as a Crysis 3 trailer but is really a showreel for the game's engine, is beautiful. It claims to be running in real-time, and to have been captured from Crysis 3 the game, not Crysis 3 the tech demo.

Unless it's a clip full of lies, this would have to be be the PC version of the game. Making me feel slightly uneasy about the state of my current rig.

Whether the top secret toad tech makes it to the console versions of Crysis 3, we'll just have to wait and see.


    Yep. Ain't no way that's running on a console.

      ... from this generation

        From the box art - the 360 and PS3 box art, from the end of the trailer - obviously I mean this generation.

      Considering the job they did on the 360 version of Crysis 2, I think you m ight be mistaken.

      Going off of the rumoured specs so far, I think the Xbox 720 could get close to this.

      Mind you, that doesn't mean this will be a good game. Crysis 2 was often pretty (and often dull), but it was also a boring, repetitive game.

      it might be the half life 2 of this gen of consoles, remember how horrible HL2 was on original xbox ?

      well it still more or less looked intact but it was fairly modest, medium settings in dx8 with frame rate slowdowns and blurry textures, and the tiny resolution it ran at.

    Well if that isnt a load of crap and can actually run at a solid 60 fps on a high end machine, colour me very dammed impressed.

    The Top Secret Tesselated Toach Tech is AMAZING!

      LOL! That was awesome! That should sell 487564378965943 copies if nothing else :P

      Looks awesome, can't wait for the next iteration of an awesome ground breaking gaming engine. Unlike morons who make the same shite every year on a 7 year old gaming platform.

      At last - technology has reached the point where a Battletoads remake could finally do the original concept justice!

        This comment is win.

        +1 awesome


    evidently somebody at big brother loves the cryengine 3 logo....

    Why is this being used for FPS games and not RPG/adventure games. Mind boggles.

      Yeah it'd be nice to see Fallout 4 for instance running on CryEngine 3, it couldn't hurt might even have less bugs at launch :P

    All glory to the Tessellated Tech Toad

      I don't see what this has to do with anything. Please keep your comments relevant to th-ALL GLORY TO THE TESSELLATED TECH TOAD.

        Seriously, stop being such a sheeALL GLORY TO THE TESSELLATED TECH TOAD!

    why is this only avaiable in 720 hd and not 1080 HD

    Yeah, the same way Crysis 2 promised not to treat PC gamers with any less respect. Launch day we get a obvious and shitty console port, so shitty in fact it had push start to begin, which they patched hours upon release, as well as having the consoles net code, which allowed cd key copies to play online. Didn't even get DX11 or the high res textures we were promised for months either, after the community was dead.

    Far as I'm concerned, Crytek can go stuff their slay

    Looks pretty nuts.
    The "dirty lens" effect is pretty crap though.

      DICE did way worse to PC gamers with BF3. Insisting it was a true BF2 sequel and that PC was the lead Platform right up until after launch when that wasn't true.

      At least Crytek come out and say they did the wrong thing. Also that they won't make the mistake this time and we'll have Dx11 ect at launch and way better implemented.

      I don't know about this video, but they have said all the game play videos so far are not representative of the PC version.

      Also I am beginning to thing this Dam level is the only one in the game. Seeing every video is from it.

    I, for one, welcome our new Tesselated Tech Toad overlord.

    Well I was more impressed with the UE4 till I saw this video; but that top secret toad tech is a winner! Bloody brilliant!!

    Crysis 2: 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Also Tessellated Tech Toad is not a meme, but Tessellated Tech Toad is not a meme, should be a meme. But if you think Tessellated Tech Toad is not a meme, should be a meme, should be a meme, let me tell you that it's not a meme.


    Do you think they could have forked out for some better animation? At least with the Pigeons and my new Toad overlord... I'm incredibly impressed by the dynamic lighting effects, just the unrealistic movement of the creatures really breaks me out of my stunned awe.

    Is in just me or is Crytek forgetting that they're trying to sell a shooter, not a tech demo?

      They're trying to do both. Part of their business is selling their engine to other developers, - this video is clearly targeting other developers first, as is evidenced by their engine check-list ("can do free to play games!").


    lol guess we will have to wait 9 or so patches after it comes out to look this good on pc

    Looks great, but not incredible. It looks credible to me. Looks all in game. Should be fun game, but it's far from prerendered quality.

    Pentium 2 right out then?

    This ought to shut those graphics whores up for a while longer. Personally, they can put as many tessellated triangles in the game as they want but if the story is rubbish it'll fall flat on it's beautiful face.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

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