DayZ Hackers Introduce Death By Teleporting Dance Party

DayZ Hackers Introduce Death By Teleporting Dance Party

Hackers are rampant throughout zombie survival mod DayZ, and while this can often by a massive pain in the arse, it can also – occasionally – be cause for celebration.

Like this elaborate move, which teleported an entire map’s worth of human players to an airfield, where they were left dancing the night away until their tormenters (or the odd zombie) had slowly picked them all off, one by one.

If you’ve got to go – and in DayZ, everyone goes eventually – better to go out dancing than lying in the grass like some pussy.

[thanks David!]


  • I gave up on DayZ as of last night. I love the game but the wrong people with the wrong mentality are playing it. I was running around being chased by a couple of zombies, some dude could have helped me by picking off the zombies but shot them, then me, then laughed about it. I respawned near my body (near kamenka) and he shot me again and laughed about it again. I don’t go around shooting people, infact, I say ‘FRIENDLY’ audibly over my mic AND type it in, to avoid conflict, I pick off zombies chasing people *and* I share food and bandages if people need it. I try to be the kind of person this game needs. Unfortunately it seems its filling up with people with the COD multiplayer mentality too quickly. So after last night and a few other instances, it’s gotten far too annoying.

    • thats part of the game – its a (semi) realistic portrayal of what would actually happen in a zombie apocalypse. I’d probably have killed you and taken your stuff too.

      • That’s a mentality you can CHOOSE to adopt in the game, its the easiest to adopt. However, try to challenge yourself to be a better player. A helpful one. You’ll be amazed at how much better the game gets.

      • Yeah apart from hacking, which is just stupid, that’s the type of thing which is ruining it a bit for me too. I can’t really think of a way to fix that without taking away what is special about the game though. One though is to have something like the Bandit system brought back, but if you become very naughty, it eventually puts a price on your head and perhaps it eventually even pinpoints your location on the map for bounty hunters to get you. But then it starts becoming a different game…

        • Indeed. Maybe a way to track if you’re a bandit or a survivor and bonuses are applied that way? Start off as a survivor, if you PK, you become a bandit or something. Who knows. I have no idea how you’d implement that though. Again, like you said, it’d turn it into something totally different though. I do love the simplicity of DayZ.

          • Although i haven’t as yet played it, the simplicity and survival element i admire, and can’t really think of anything that would stop people griefing, whilst making sure it doesn’t steer away from it’s core mechanics.
            I contemplated about if a small coloured icon indicating if they were friendly or not (changes based on actions in game) but it would remove the whole, “should i trust them?” element of a survival game with strangers.
            Or you could implement a bounty like system to forewarn other players about bandits and offer other player rewards once the bandit has been dealt with (hunter needs to return with id card from target whether they kill them or trade with them to give back to the person who put the bounty on them to grab reward), which could introduce new interactions with people, and allow people to help each other out, but it may just induce people to abuse it (maybe limit bounty signs to be found in caches?). Then again i’ve never played it, so i wouldn’t have an idea of what works or not :\

      • I haven’t played this game although i would like to, but it deeply disturbs me the psychopathic and sometimes sociopathic tendencies almost everyone seems to exhibit and no one seems too bothered by that. I know it’s “just a game” but if it’s a simulation of what you’d all do in a breakdown of society where there are no percieved repercussions…

        “Psychopathy is a personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by shallow emotions (in particular reduced fear), stress tolerance, lacking empathy, coldheartedness, lacking guilt, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, nonplanfulness, impulsivity, and antisocial behaviors such as parasitic lifestyle and criminality.”

        It saddens me when so many people always ask why there are so many abusive spouses and so much suffering in this world. We rarely analyse our own motives and behaviours and what it does to other people, even if it is just a game. I wish there to be a greater culture of empathy. 🙁

        • You’re over analyzing this… Day Z is just another forum for gamers to be knobs. They’re not psychopaths just people who enjoy being jerks and enjoy annoying people. Just look at BF3 and COD as an example. The problem with Day Z is that servers are at a premium so we can’t help but continue to run into jerks online. Hopefully when this game becomes a standalone they will fix those issues. If you’re looking for empathy in a video game then you’re going to have a bad time.

      • People keep saying there would be killing in a real life apocalypse. Whilst that might be true, I doubt it would be as common as people make it out to be. Killing another person in a video game is a shit load different than shooting a person in real life. Truth is, many people kill others in Day Z more for the “luls” than because of survival.

  • yeah it does, i dont really see how that would be funny after 10 seconds.

    on the other hand, the veteran server was affected in a much better way, free vehicles everywhere for everyone!
    All the time i think this would ruin the game, but i kind of enjoyed it, i just drove to my mate in ROG, then we found a chopper! then the server died 15 minutes later >

  • I agree with you weresmurf. It’s descending into a death match style game, while it’s realistic that there are no real drawbacks to killing people (in a post apocalyptic world with no announcements or visual effects whatsoever) it is getting ridiculous.

    That said i have come across rather nice people who have let me go on my way, i’ve also murdered people on sight because they have a good gun, and so do i. I don’t want to take the risk of typing and leaving myself vulnerable for a very low chance of them being friendly.

    • Indeed. Im NOT against the odd firefight? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think everything should be peaches and cream. But when you declare FRIENDLY, and someone just trolls and trolls. Hunts people down, refuses to help at all. There’s a difference between being a survivalist and being a dick.

      • I have had numerous times where a person who typed, and said, friendly then shot me moments later and stole all of my gear. When I see someone, and they haven’t seen me I let them on their way, but if that person has seen me I don’t think twice. Shoot to kill.

  • I had something similar happen to me yesterday, except I was sent to the map height limit with a message across the screen ‘One of these days BAM, straight to the moon’. It was awful as it was the first time I had actually been doing well (I’m a fairly new player).

    DayZ’s top priority should be getting better anti-hacker tech, then bugs, then gameplay. Hackers ruin this game.

    • Pick servers with FULL protection as a start, then things will start getting better when it becomes a standalone product.

  • Why post such a shitty looking vid? It’s what I imagine having an epileptic fit looks like for the unfortunate fitter (the visual blackouts, not the dancing/gyrating)

  • My favorite hacker encounter so far was a mate who swore a rabbit spoke to him in the wild. It asked him to follow it, and led him to a gun cache in the woods. Then it demanded that he kill people, as a sacrifice to it.
    It was the most fun he’s had in game so far.

  • There’s nothing funny about this – it’s a stupid, meaningless way to get killed by a selfish, cowardly child (at least mentally). I’d still like to know how the guys in ghillie suits with assault rifles seem to survive these hacks every time – I guess they’re the ones doing it.

  • lol @ the wiki entry, You do not know or understand a true psychopath(Coming from one). You also do not think ahead or properly there is a big difference between a breakdown in society and no repercussions and a zombie apoc, The latter being survival of the fittest were I would happily slit your spouses throat to get your rations of food. The former would benefit me more to band together and rebuild society. In a real zombie apoc(Pretending that the zombies would not die off in under a week like they would) I will do whatever it takes to keep myself alive and as best stocked as possible.

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