Dead Or Alive Sexualised Females Aren't Going Anywhere

Dead or Alive isn't only about curvy ladies. It's a proper fighting game, but some people might not like — or cannot get pass — DOA's hyper sexualised female fighters.

What does Team Ninja, DOA's developer, think about those reactions? Team Ninja head ninja Yosuke Hayashi told website MCV that the goal is to make the female characters look "as attractive as possible" and "that's something that's not going to change." Continuing, Hayashi added:

We are a Japanese developer, and we're making the female characters with our common sense and our creative sense. When you take that to countries outside of Japan, it tends to be very misinterpreted in some cases, people considering it sexist or derogatory etc.

For us, within our culture, we're showing women like that, and we're trying to make them look attractive. We can't help if other cultures in other countries around the globe think that it's a bad representation. Within our nationality and within our national borders, we obviously have morals that we create our female characters from, but within our Japanese sensibilities, we've made those characters the way they are and we're not going to stop doing that.

People might think this is a poor excuse — that Hayashi is hiding behind cultural differences. People might think that Team Ninja should play by different rules. People think that Dead or Alive should tone down how it represents women. Team Ninja, however, doesn't seem too bothered about what people think.

Head of Team Ninja talks Dead or Alive 5 [MCV via VG247]


    Good of them to front up, say, This is who we are. Makes the Hitman devs look a little like damp squibs.


    Respect to them for standing up to their own artistic vision and not letting others control how they make their games. This kind of response is always more appreciated than the shallow "We're sorry" back peddling almost everyone else does.

    Completely fair response. Freedom of creative direction is important, and if they feel that making these characters as attractive as possible is the direction they want to take that's fine.

    Sexism in the games industry is a problem, nobody can deny that. But I feel that once our fight against such things gets in the way of what developers want to make we have an issue.

    If you feel the game is sexist, don't buy it. Tell them with your wallet.

    Right after this interview Hayashi went down to the local grocery store to buy manga depicting underage girls having sex and bought a can of whale meat. On the way home he stopped at a vending machine to pick up some used panties.

    I like the DOA series for their fighting mechanics first, but it wouldn't be the same game without their character designs. So that includes women with large breasts who barely wear their costumes. I'm not going to pretend I don't find that appealing.

    wait what DOA is actually a game?!?!?!?!

    AHh the old "you furriners don't understand" line. No, we understand controlling body image and gender inequality pretty well i reckon. And they wonder why Japanese men are in a perceived crisis of masculinity.

      What do furries have to do with it?

    There's nothing wrong with fanservice.

    That said, no one HAS to like DOA.

    However, if you think that DOA creates sexism because it 'socially constructs men's perceptions of women' then you 1) seriously overestimate the power of fiction, and 2) use the exact same logic behind the 'violent video games create school shootings' argument.

    If DOA distresses you, feel free to boycott and critique it, but if you think that fanservice creates sexism then your argument is demented.

    The people who complain about it are the people who would never have bought the game in the first place, regardless of the female character models.

    Good on them for not pandering to people who wont effect their bottomline in the slightest.

    Good on em for sticking to their guns... we spend too much time now trying to justify things to other people. If you dont like it; dont play it. Simple. Same goes for books, movies or any other form of entertainment. Not everyone watches porn, but that doesnt mean we should ban those who do. And thats the way society is going - the minority are considered the majority and the majority have to put up with constant bitching and change based on the opinions of the few.

    Really now need a western developer to come out and say something similar without hiding behind cultural differences.

    "Hey. I'm a gamer. I love games, so I make games I'd like to play. I'm also a guy who LOVES boobies, so I make games with T&A because it's what I'd play."

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